NRAO Scientific Staff

Scientist Scientific Interest/Functional Position
M. Aravena Galaxy formation and evolution; submillimeter galaxies; star-formation in high-z galaxies; multi-wavelength surveys; Research Associate.
D. S. Balser Galactic structure and abundances, H II regions, planetary nebulae; E2E operations; GBT Dynamic Scheduling; GBT Scientific Support.
D. Barkats Cosmology, cosmic background polarization;instrument and calibration development; polarization interferometry; ALMA commissioning in Chile.
T. S. Bastian Solar/stellar radiophysics, heliophysics; Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR) planning and development; Assistant Director for the Office of Science and Academic Affairs.
J. M. Benson Extragalactic radio sources, VLBA image processing, scientific support for VLA/VLBA correlator, development and maintenance of the NRAO Science Data Archive, member of the E2E-EVLA Computing Group.
S. Bhatnagar Supernova remnants, Galacitc astronomy, inteferometric imaging and calibration algorithms, scientific computational techniques, high performance computing and related software development, Algorithms research and development/CASA.
J. Braatz Cosmic masers, active galaxies, cosmology, molecular gas in AGN, scientific software and algorithm;, GBT dynamic scheduling, GBT science support.
R. F. Bradley Special-purpose radio telescope systems, low-noise amplifiers, array receivers, adaptive RFI excision, advanced receiver development, Dark Ages / Epoch of Reionization science, and radio-based particle physics; Dynamic Spectroscopy Group Leader.
W. Brisken Pulsars, astrometry, interstellar scattering; VLBI software correlation.
C. Brogan High-mass star formation, astrochemistry, masers, magnetic fields, supernova remnants, small-scale structure in the interstellar medium, ALMA/NAASC, ALMA CASA subsystem scientist.
E. W. Bryerton Advanced detector development, technologies for large focal-plane arrays, ALMA local-oscillator development.
B. J. Butler Planetary astronomy; Division Head, EVLA Computing Division.
P. Calisse ALMA testing in Chile, fall 2010
C. Carilli Galaxy formation, radio galaxies, QSO absorption lines, epoch of reionization; NRAO Chief Scientist.
C. Chandler Star formation, circumstellar disks, protostellar outflows, millimeter-wave interferometry; Head of the New Mexico Array Science Center, and Deputy Assistant Director for Science, NM Operations.
J. Cheng Structural design and analysis, astronomical telescope design, sensors, carbon-fiber material; ALMA antenna development.
L. Chomiuk Jansky Fellow resident at CfA, fall 2010.
B. G. Clark EVLA control and software development, VLA/VLBA scheduling; Emeritus Scientist.
M. J. Claussen Masers, young stellar objects, AGB stars, pre-planetary nebulae, spectropolarimetry;EVLA/VLBA user programs, EVLA and VLBA scientific support; EVLA commissioning; VLBA/EVLA scheduling.
J. J. Condon Dark energy, Hubble constant, black hole masses, nearby galaxies, evolution of star formation, radio surveys, GBT precision telescope control system, GBT dynamic scheduling.
S. A. Corder Rapid accretion events from low mass stars, outflow feedback in star-forming regions, debris disks and the search for young planetary systems, techniques in wide-field imaging; ALMA commissioning, Jansky Fellow.
P. C. Cortes Star formation with a special interested in the role of magnetic fields.
J. R. Cortes Kinematics and dynamics of galaxies, galaxy evolution, galaxy-galaxy interactions, sub-millimeter galaxies;ALMA science in Chile.
W. D. Cotton Extragalactic radio sources, interferometry, cosmic masers, computational techniques for data analysis, scientific support, NRAO sky surveys.
G. M. Coutts Electromagnetics, RF/Microwave Design, Antennas, Development of wideband orthomode transducers, SKA; EVLA Front-End Technical Development.
A. T. Deller VLBI software correlation, VLBI pulsar astrometry, wide-field image calibration; Jansky Fellow resident at UC, Berkeley.
P. Demorest High-precision pulsartiming, gravitational radiation, interstellar scintillation, backend instrumentation development, signal processing; Jansky Fellow.
V. Dhawan Radio and X-ray observations of microquasars, VLBA astrometry, VLBA user support, and EVLA testing.
R. L. Dickman Interstellar medium, molecular clouds, gravitation and dark matter; Assistant Director, New Mexico Operations.
N. Elias Photon orbital angular momentum, imaging algorithms, Algol and RS CVn stars, CASA development.
D. T. Emerson Nearby galaxies, millimeter-wave techniques and instrumentation, spectrum management, history of microwaves.
A. S. Evans Extragalactic, multi-wavelength studies of infrared galaxies, radio galaxies and quasar hosts; ALMA/NAASC, ALMA/ NAASC webpages.
J. R. Fisher Cosmology, signal processing, antenna design, advanced receiver development; NRAO Technical Leader for R&D.
E. B. Fomalont ALMA Charlottesville Science Verification, CASA Scientific Steering Committee, Astrometry and Relativity Tests, VSOP and RadioAstron coordination, VLBA Spacecraft Tracking, Deep Radio Imaging
D. A. Frail Gamma-ray bursts, soft-gamma-ray repeaters, pulsar/supernova-remnant associations, pulsar wind nebulae, masers, HI absorption and interstellar scattering; EVLA commissioning.
D. Frayer Galaxy Evolution, ULIRGs, LIRGs, SMGs, molecular lines; GBT high frequency scientist.
R. Freisen Star formation, astrochemistry, physical and chemical evolution of structure in molecular clouds, ALMA/NAASC; NRAO Postdoctoral Fellow
D. A. Garcia-Appadoo ALMA science operations in Chile, fall 2010.
F. D. Ghigo X-ray binary sources, active galactic nuclei; Green Bank Telescope user support, GBT precision pointing and active surface improvements.
K. Golap Low-frequency calibration and imaging, imaging algorithm development, CASA.
M. A. Gordon CO, galactic structure, gas-rich galaxies, interstellar medium; Emeritus Scientist.
W. M. Goss Galactic-center studies, galactic masers, pulsars, supernova remnants, nearby galaxies;history of radio astronomy; Jansky Fellowship Program Coordinator.
E. W. Greisen Radio galaxies, HI in galaxies, interstellar medium, computer analysis of astronomical data; AIPS.
D. Gunawan ALMA commissioning in Chile.
A. S. Hales Protoplanetary and debris disks, evolution of circumstellar gas and dust evolution in environments of planet formation, near-IR polarimetry, multiwavelength surveys of the Galactic plane,radio continuum of Herbig Ae/Be stars; ALMA commissioning in Chile.
G. Hallinan Stellar/solar radio emissions; magnetic activity in cool stars, brown dwarfs and exoplanets; radio transients; plasma emission processes; Jansky Fellow resident at UC, Berkeley, fall 2010.
E. J. Hardy Cosmology, galaxies, stellar populations; Assistant Director for Chilean Affairs, NRAO/AUI representative in Chile.
J. E. Hibbard Extragalactic HI, galaxy evolution, merging galaxies; North American ARC Manager & ALMA Operations.
D. E. Hogg Structure of spiral galaxies, stellar winds; Emeritus Scientist.
T. R. Hunter High-mass star formation, protoclusters, UCHII regions, hot cores, outflows, masers, millimeter/submillimeter interferometry, antenna metrology; GBT PTCS Instrumentation Scientist; ALMA/NAASC.
C. M. V. Impellizzeri Active galactic nuclei, Seyfert galaxies, cosmic megamasers, molecular tori, molecular emission at high-z; NRAO Postdoctoral Fellow.
R. Indebetouw (High mass) star formation, interstellar medium and molecular clouds; NAASC user support, development of ALMA/EVLA simulation software in CASA; NRAO/UVA Joint Faculty.
H. Intema High redshift radio galaxies, galaxy cluster radio sources, radio sky surveys, low-frequency calibration and imaging, data reduction algorithm development; Jansky Fellow.
P. R. Jewell Interstellar molecules, and astrochemisty; Deputy NRAO Director and Associate Director for Operations.
G. Jones Radio transient observations and instrumentation, wide bandwidth signal processing, phased array transient observations, and hetreodyne focal plane arrays for mm and submm wavelength spectroscopy; Jansky Fellow.
K. I. Kellermann Extra-galactic radio sources, quasars, cosmology, radio telescopes, history of radio astronomy; NIO, SKA, NRAO Archives, space VLBI.
B. R. Kent Nearby galaxies and clusters, galaxy dynamics, gas dynamics, extragalactic HI, scientific software, Virtual Observatory; Jansky Fellow.
A. R. Kerr Millimeter-wave receiver development, SIS mixer design, ALMA Project.
M. Kim Active galactic nuclei and host galaxies; Research Associate (NAASC).
A. Kimball Postdoctoral Fellow for NAASC.
L.B.G. Knee Scientific Interest/Functional Position: Molecular clouds, star formation, protostellar outflows, interstellar medium; ALMA science operations.
L. R. Kogan Design of array configurations (E-configuration for EVLA, LWA, SKA); the new algorithms for: RFI mitigation; Faraday rotation synthesis: Wide field of view imaging; AIPS.
M. Krauss Postdoctoral Fellow for the EVLA.
M. Lacy Quasars and active galactic nuclei, distant galaxies and galaxy evolution, extragalactic surveys. NAASC, ALMA archive and user support.
G. I. Langston Transient event surveys, astrochemistry, tests of particle-physics models, Space VLBI new initiatives; Project Manager for NRAO/MIT/LL Bi-static-Radar Project; Project Scientist for the GBT K-band Focal Plane array project.
A. Leroy Star formation and the interstellar medium in galaxies, molecular clouds, multiwavelength observation of galaxies; Research Associate (Hubble Fellowship).
H. S. Liszt Spectral-line data reduction, interstellar chemistry, diffuse clouds, galactic structure and the galactic nucleus; Foreign Telescope Travel Fund Administrator, Spectrum Manager, and NAASC member specializing in proposal preparation and scheduling.
K. Y. Lo Galactic center, star formation in dwarf galaxies, starburst galaxies and high- redshift galaxies, mega-masers and AGN, Hubble Constant and dark energy, intergalactic medium, microwave background radiation, millimeter- and submillimeter-wave interferometry; Director.
F. J. Lockman Galaxies, Galactic structure, interstellar medium, GB education and outreach; GBT Principal Scientist.
C. Lonsdale Starburst galaxies, ultraluminous infrared galaxies, active galactic nuclei, galaxy evolution, large scale structure, extragalactic surveys; NRAO Assistant Director, North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC).
R. J. Maddalena Molecular clouds, interstellar medium, structure of spiral galaxies, high- redshift molecular emission galaxies, single-dish calibration algorithms, radio-frequency weather forecasting.
J. G. Mangum Galactic and extragalactic star formation; Molecular spectroscopy of comets; Antenna performance characterization; Millimeter/submillimeter measurement calibration; ALMA; NRAO Student Programs Director.
N. Marcelino Postdoctoral Fellow for NAASC, fall 2010.
B. S. Mason Observational Cosmology and Cosmic Microwave Background radiation; CMB foregrounds (total intensity and polarization); imaging algorithms; instrumentation development; support for GBT continuum observers; MUSTANG project scientist.
M. M. McKinnon Pulsars, radio polarimetry, interstellar medium, statistics; ALMA NA Project Manager/Director.
J. P. McMullin Star formation, interstellar medium, astrochemistry, observatory calibration, astronomical software systems; EVLA Science Support Lead.
D. Mehringer Extraterrestrial bio-molecules; Star formation; H II regions; masers; Galactic Center studies; exoplanets; image analysis algorithm development; CASA Scientific Software Developer with the NAASC.
A. H. Minter Interstellar turbulence and galactic HI; Head of GBT Science Operations..
A. J. Mioduszewski Astrometry of young stellar objects, microquasars, symbiotic stars; AIPS, VLBA, HSA, EVLA and VLA support, student programs.
G. Moellenbrock Polarization interferometry, VLBI, astrometry, kpc parallaxes; synthesis calibration and imaging algorithms, CASA; ALMA and EVLA commissioning support; ALMA, EVLA and VLBA user support.
E. Momjian (Ultra) Luminous IR Galaxies, extragalactic HI surveys, cm-wavelength molecular lines, OH megamasers, VLBI imaging of high-z QSOs and sub-mm galaxies, Galactic methanol masers, Zeeman effect; EVLA commissioning, EVLA/VLBA scientific support.
M. Morgan Millimeter-wave MMICs, MMIC-based instrumentation, arrays, and integrated receiver concepts for the GBT, ALMA, and SKA.
J. Munoz-Mateos Research Associate, Spitzer grant, fall 2010.
P. P. Murphy Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Formation, Cosmology, image processing, scientific software, scientific web portals, public outreach, AIPS; Webmaster, Computing Security Manager.
S. T. Myers Cosmology, cosmic background radiation, gravitational lenses, epoch of reionization, astronomical imaging, EVLA scientific support, algorithm development, SKA. Interim Head, NRAO SKA Program Office.
P. J. Napier Antenna and instrumentation systems for radio astronomy, ALMA systems verification.
K. O'Neil Extragalactic gas and dust, low-surface-brightness galaxies: Assistant Director for Green Bank Operations
J. Ott Molecular cloud and star formation in nearby active, dwarf, and interacting galaxies; multi-wavelength observations of the ISM in galaxies; galaxy evolution; the Galactic Center; EVLA commissioning.
F. N. Owen Evolution of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, radio galaxies, deep continuum surveys; EVLA.
S. K. Pan Superconducting millimeter- and submillimeter-wave low-noise devices, circuit and receiver development.
A. B. Peck AGN, high redshift galaxies, mm/ submm astronomy; ALMA, JAO Deputy Project Scientist in Chile.
R. A. Perley Interferometry, Polarimetry, Antenna and Receiver Metrology; EVLA Project Scientist.
M. Pospieszalski Microwave and millimeter-wave low-noise devices, circuits and receivers, CMBR radiometers; EVLA/VLBA/GBT/ALMA receiver development support.
R. Pulliam Postdoctoral Fellow for the NAASC.
S. M. Ransom Pulsar searches and timing (especially binary and millisecond pulsars) and applications for basic physics; GBT pulsar infrastructure improvement.
R. I. Reid Automated data analysis, interferometric imaging, the warm ionized medium, radio galaxies; ALMA, CASA development.
A. Remijan Astrochemistry, astrobiology, physical and chemical conditions of the interstellar, circumstellar, and cometary media; ALMA CSV..
M. S. Roberts Extragalactic hydrogen, normal galaxies, dark matter; Emeritus Scientist.
J. D. Romney Active extragalactic radio sources, interstellar medium, spacecraft navigation, VLBI instrumentation, VLBA scientific support; VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade Project Leader.
R. Rosen Project Director for the Pulsar Search Collaboratory (PSC), Research Associate.
A. Roshi Assistant Scientist working in Green Bank.
N. Roy Interstellar medium, Turbulence, Radio transients, Accretion physics; Jansky Fellow.
M. P. Rupen Transient sources (X-ray binaries, CVs, novae, supernovae), stars, galactic & extragalactic interstellar medium; Project Scientist for the EVLA WIDAR Correlator.
K. Saini ALMA local-oscillator development, frequency-multiplier development; ALMA Front-End System engineering.
S. Schnee NAASC scientist, fall 2010.
K. Sheth Galaxy formation and evolution; molecular gas, dust and star formation in high-z galaxies; assembly of mass and development of galactic structures; evolution of bars and their properties; NAASC, ALMA commissioning and science verification.
D. S. Shepherd Star formation, molecular outflows, HII regions, mosaic techniques; Project Scientist and Commissioning Lead for the SKA South Africa Precursor project, MeerKAT.
W. Shillue ALMA Photonic LO Group Leader, responsible for ALMA Central LO and Photonic Receiver. Advanced Photonics development: Low-noise and low jitter photonic local oscillator development for radio astronomy instrumentation; Terahertz frequency synthesis and power generation for radio astronomy local oscillators and calibrators.
L. O. Sjouwerman Circumstellar masers and AGB stars, centers of the Galaxy and Andromeda, interstellar masers and SNR/MC interactions; VLA/VLBA data-reduction pipelines in AIPS, VLA/VLBA scientific support.
R. Simon ALMA testing in Chile.
R. A. Sramek Normal galaxies, quasars, supernovae, aperture-synthesis techniques; ALMA System Development & Verification.
S. Srikanth Electromagnetics, optics and antennas. Development of polarizers and broadband feeds for cm to mm-wave applications.
A. R. Thompson Radio-astronomy instrumentation, theory and practice of radio interferometry and synthesis imaging, interference mitigation and spectrum protection for radio astronomy; Emeritus Scientist.
D. Tody Data analysis systems and techniques, computational frameworks, virtual observatory; responsible for VAO program at NRAO.
J. S. Ulvestad Seyfert, LINER, and starburst galaxies, intermediate-mass black holes; On Intergovernmental Personnel Act assignment as Director of Astronomical Sciences Division, NSF.
R. V. Urvashi Numerical techniques and high-performance computing applied to interferometric image-reconstruction, calibration and RFI-removal; CASA (software development), ARDG (algorithm research).
P. A. Vanden Bout Interstellar medium, star formation, high- redshift molecular emission galaxies, galaxy formation/evolution.
G. A. van Moorsel EVLA/VLBA Scientific Support Group Lead, EVLA Commissioning, Dynamics of Galaxies and Groups of Galaxies.
R. C. Walker Extragalactic radio sources; VLBI, VLBA development, VLBA scientific support, EVLA and SKA design.
R. Wang Jansky Fellow, resident at Univ of Arizona.
J. C. Webber Instrumentation development, SKA, program planning; Assistant Director for CDL; ALMA IPT Leader for Correlator.
H. A. Wootten Star formation, structure and chemistry of the ISM in galaxies, circumstellar material; ALMA Project Scientist.
J. M. Wrobel Low-luminosity active galactic nuclei; low-mass active galactic nuclei; radio-quiet active galactic nuclei; EVLA Scheduling Officer; EVLA commissioning; subsystem scientist for EVLA Observation Scheduling Tool; Scientific Editor, The Astrophysical Journal.
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