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Future Instrumentation with the GBT
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Future Instrumentation with the GBT (image)

A Green Bank Workshop on "Future Instrumentation for the Green Bank Telescope" will be held at the NRAO in Green Bank, WV, on September 7, 8 and 9, 2006. The purpose of the Workshop is to revisit GBT development priorities in light of recent scientific, technical, and software/data-handling advances, and to plan a second generation of GBT instrumentation which would include wide-field imaging arrays.

Most of the instruments now in use at the GBT were developed more than a decade ago, and do not take advantage of recent innovations. There have also been numerous scientific advances, some resulting from GBT observations, which were not known when the initial suite of GBT instruments was specified. In the several years since the GBT began full-time operations, we have also learned a considerable amount about the telescope's performance, and the properties of the Green Bank site. We thus feel that it is particularly timely to assemble a group of engineers and scientists to help guide GBT development priorities for the coming years. This effort will also be relevant to NRAO's long term involvement with astronomy in the cm-wavelength band.

The Workshop will begin Thursday morning September 7, and end after lunch on Saturday September 9. It will be limited to 50-60 participants. Weather permitting, the Workshop will include a comprehensive tour of the GBT.

Further information will be posted on this site as plans for the Workshop progress.

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