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Please contact Becky Warner (bwarner@nrao.edu) with your travel plans. She will coordinate transportation from airports to the Observatory. If you are driving you may find information on our website helpful, especially as regards the best routes through the mountains: http://www.gb.nrao.edu/visitors/visitors.shtml. Watch for deer from dusk to dawn.

Lodging and meals:
Workshop participants will be housed at the Observatory or in nearby motels. You should check in at the Observatory Residence Hall lobby for detailed information. Meals will be provided in the Observatory cafeteria; if you have specific dietary requirements please communicate them to Becky Warner (bwarner@nrao.edu).

Late arrival:
After 7 PM there is no restaurant open within many miles of Green Bank. There will be snacks available in the Residence Hall Lounge, but if you plan on arriving late you may want to arrange to have sandwitches or other food set aside for you. Please contact Becky Warner (bwarner@nrao.edu).

Green Bank is at an altitude of 840 m (2700 ft), so evenings are often cool. Bring a light sweater or jacket. Rain is a possibility.

The Green Bank Observatory is in the National Radio Quiet Zone, and we spend considerable effort in maintaining the radio environment. Portable phones will not work near the Observatory, and there are no wireless networks on site. We do have ample ethernet connectivity. Please disable your laptop's transmitter while you are at the Observatory and keep it turned off when not in use.

Scientific sessions will be in the Jansky Lab Auditorium.