Business and Administrative Support:
2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Division: Contracts & Procurement

Division Manager: Pat Donahue

The following chart summarizes the survey responses to the following question: "Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with the Contracts & Procurement Division."

Pie Chart

Three areas of Contracts and Procurement (CAP) responsibility need improvement. The following action plan addresses the path for such improvement.

  1. Issue: Communication—a lack of keeping the survey respondee informed of their requests/PO status, or the continued requests for additional information that delay the procurement.

    Action Plan:
    1. Place a stronger emphasis on supporting the customer – promote a positive image through the phone, in person or electronically.
    2. On the weekly call with the senior CAP personnel, Donahue will stress the importance of keeping your customer informed and working with the customer.
    3. During Donahue’s site visits, discuss with the groups/individuals the need to keep your customer apprised of their request and the need to treat each person in the same fashion you would expect to be treated.
    4. Have the Buyers help the requestors understand value of P2P and where they can get information.

  2. Issue: Training—some feedback has to do with the lack of or insufficient or no training on CAP, the tools available, or what value we bring to NRAO.

    Action Plan:
    1. Where possible, have local staff attend functional meetings to train and/or communicate on the roles/responsibilities of CAP.

  3. Issue: P2P & Source and Pricing Justification Requirements—many of the responders expressed frustration with P2P and the need for competitive quotes and difficulty with the source and pricing justification form and its requirements.

    Action Plan:
    1. P2P
      1. Meet with Beverage (MIS) to see if there are other means/tools within P2P to notify the customer automatically.
    2. Source and Pricing Justification Requirements
      1. Put the Source Pricing Justification Form presentation on the CAP website.
      2. Implement a materiality and reasonableness threshold for PO competitive requirements.

Implementation of this action plan is contingent upon resources, prioritization, and funding. As noted in several external reviews, the NRAO administrative organizations are very lean. Prior to the adoption of a final action plan, the CPSR report will be reviewed and applicable comments will be incorporated into this action plan.

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