Business and Administrative Support:
2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Division: Fiscal

Division Manager: Connie Williams

The following chart summarizes the survey responses to the following question: "Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with the Fiscal Division."

Pie Chart

Key Points:

  1. It is important that all members of the Fiscal Department consider themselves part of a “Service Department.” Each interaction with employees and non-employees is important in determining the value of the benefit provided. Connie Williams will stress that response to e-Mail and voice mail is critical.
  2. Williams will research issues that are occurring with the Chilean Short-term Assignment reimbursement to determine what issues are occurring and process to resolve.
  3. Williams will review the process implemented to ensure that the on-line travel forms are correct and updated.
  4. To avoid confusion on the part of those with budgetary authority, it may be appropriate to notify individuals of material adjustments after year’s end.
  5. To assist employees, it may be a good idea to issue a Fiscal Department organization chart that lists not only the employees and locations but also their primary responsibilities.

Action Plan:

  1. Connie Williams will propose a meeting with the entire Fiscal department to review both the rankings for each category as well as additional comments. Williams will delete or alter any comments that indicated specific employees. The purpose of the meeting would be to stress the following:
    1. Importance of “Customer Service”
    2. Importance of prompt response to inquiries
  2. Importance of not “passing the buck,” i.e., if one does not know the answer state that the issue will be researched and a response provided.
  3. Produce a “Fiscal Organization Chart” that indicates primary responsibilities and contact information for various Fiscal processes.
  4. Research a method to advise budget holders of adjustments to fiscal year-after internal reports issued.
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