Business and Administrative Support:
2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer survey was conducted in August 2009 across the Observatory to gauge NRAO employee satisfaction with the services and functions provided by the Business and Administrative Support team in these key areas: (a) Contracts and Procurement, (b) Fiscal, (c) Management & Information Systems, and (d) Observatory Business Services.

The survey results have now been tabulated and reviewed, and a near-term action plan is being implemented to address issues identified by our employees. This action plan is designed to improve our focus on the needs of our primary customers, the NRAO employees, and to provide continual improvement to the services and functions that enable our employees to succeed. Our action plan includes, e.g., maintaining more accurate information about business and administrative policies and procedures on the NRAO internal web site, improving the Employee Self-Service portal, addressing issues with the Electronic Time-Keeping system, and providing back-up personnel and operations plans where potential single points-of-failure now exist.

Additional information regarding the survey results and action plans for each of the key Business and Administrative Support areas is described and summarized by each of the responsible managers at the following web pages:

(a) Contracts and Procurement
(b) Fiscal
(c) Management & Information Systems
(d) Observatory Business Services

The entire Business and Administrative Support team extends a sincere "thank you" to each of the 154 employees who completed the survey. We will periodically survey our employees in the future to monitor our customer service and the effectiveness of our action plans. If you have any questions or additional comments regarding the survey or our action plan, please contact me.

George Clark
Associate Director, NRAO Business & Administrative Support

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