Business and Administrative Support:
2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Division: Management & Information Systems

Division Manager: Chuck Beverage

The following chart summarizes the survey responses to the following question: "Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with the Management & Information Systems Division."

Pie Chart

There were 48 comments related to MIS in the Comment Section of the survey. Each MIS area of responsibility that needs improvement is listed below along with the specific actions that will be taken. The implementation of these actions will be dependent upon the priorities of the NRAO management team.

  1. Help Desk Response

    1. To have initial response to any help desk submission within 24 business hours.
    2. As of December 1, 2009, all un-resolved tickets will be reviewed weekly by the assigned MIS staff member and update sent either to the employee or to the internal ticket history.

  2. J.D.Edwards Intuitiveness

    1. Promote and add additional tools to the NRAO Employee Self-Service portal for on-line requisitioning and administrative menus.
    2. Review the on-line requisition process and develop an enhancement plan. This may require some outside developer work.

  3. Electronic Time Keeping (ETK)

    1. Continue to improve the interface and address reported issues.
    2. Develop ETK extraction and data mining tools.


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