Business and Administrative Support:
2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Division: Observatory Business Services

Division Manager: Ted Miller

The following chart summarizes the survey responses to the following question: "Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with the Observatory Business Services Division."

Pie Chart

Of the comments made by survey respondents regarding Observatory Business Services (OBS), three can be translated into actionable tasks. Two of the three have to do with perceptions of the group and one involves direct support. Each is addressed below.

  1. Concern: NRAO employees are not fully aware of the individuals responsible for Observatory Business Services tasks.

    1. Expand website presence to promote visibility of tasks supported.
    2. Review opportunity for local bulletin board with pictures and tasks supported.
    3. Explore other opportunities for highlighting span of tasks supported by OBS, especially those that are not necessarily visible to the general user base.

  2. Concern: The group needs to provide a consistent level of customer service at all times including during periods of staff absences and during peak periods.

    1. Be ever mindful of the customer service aspect of Observatory Business Services and the role each individual plays.
    2. Promote a positive image through tone of voice, appearance, and interactions with others.
    3. Discuss with the OBS staff specific incidents that had a less than positive outcome and how each can be improved.

  3. Concern: Coverage of Charlottesville Shipping and Receiving responsibilities is sometimes below expectations when the primary position holder is on vacation.

    1. Conduct briefing and assignment of responsibilities to other Observatory Business Services staff during all planned absences.
    2. Lay out FedEx packages for each site on the delivery table.
    3. Check the vehicle sign out list to ensure keys are conveyed as needed.
    4. Leave contact information on the board.
    5. Ensure daily runs to the NTC are conducted on the prescribed schedule.
    6. Ensure high priority tasks are accomplished on a timely basis.
    7. Ensure positive attitude when dealing with all requests.
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