NRAO's Foreign Telescope Travel Fund Program

The NRAO Foreign Travel Fund program is currently inactive.

The Observatory provides money to support observing by US astronomers at foreign-owned radio telescopes. The program operates on a first-come, first-served basis during each calendar year and there is no wait list. One person's travel is supported per observing run, although exceptions to this rule have been made in cases of exceptional urgency.

Funds are provided, up to a maximum of $1350, for reimbursement of air and rail travel (on US carriers, whenever possible, under the usual NSF guidelines) to observe (not just visit) at essentially all foreign facilities (including the JCMT). You should be prepared to show that the person whose travel we support really needs to "be there" to get the observing done. Any funds requested should be for trips of limited duration whose purpose is to do the supported observing.

To qualify, you must not be employed at a national facility such as NRAO, KPNO, NAIC, NASA, etc., although NRC post-docs are always eligible. You must be able to show that you have been granted observing time at one of the foreign facilities. Before your trip, as part of the application for funds, we ask that you send:

  • A brief cover letter describing your needs
  • A copy of the observing request for which the time was granted
  • Something official showing that you have been granted time on the observing schedule
  • The first of two simple forms

To request reimbursement after your return from observing, we will need:

  • your ticket stubs (if we are funding the whole amount), OR,
  • copies of the stubs (if we are funding only a portion)
  • the second of the two simple forms

We normally reimburse institutions, not individuals. In the latter case, please include a letter from some responsible person at your institution stating that you have not been reimbursed for that portion of the travel which we are supporting.

If you think you qualify, contact H. S. LISZT :

WEB to
PHONE to 434-296-0344 (973-3744 at home)
FAX to 434-296-0278
WRITE to Harvey S. Liszt, NRAO, 520 Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA USA 22903-2475
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