The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) awards Jansky postdoctoral appointments which provide outstanding opportunities for research in radio astronomy. Jansky Research Associates formulate and carry out investigations either independently or in collaboration with others within the wide framework of interests of the Observatory. Current areas of research include: cosmology; galaxy formation and galactic dynamics; gravitational lenses; theoretical and observational studies of active galaxies and radio sources; the interstellar medium, molecular clouds and star formation; stellar evolution and circumstellar shells; comets and solar system bodies; and astrometry. The research staff is also involved in instrumentation development and image processing; applicants in these areas are encouraged.

The NRAO is headquartered in Charlottesvillle, Virginia. Its observing facilities include the Very Large Array, a 27-element aperture synthesis instrument located near Socorro, New Mexico; the 12 Meter millimeter-wave Telescope on Kitt Peak near Tucson, Arizona; and the Very Long Baseline Array, a 10-element telescope with antenna sites spanning the continental U.S., Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Observatory is completing the 100-meter fully steerable Green Bank Telescope, conducting the United States participation in the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, and planning for an upgrade and expansion of the VLA. Descriptions of the NRAO facilities and projects may be found at the NRAO web site http://www.nrao.edu.

Appointments, which are available at any of the major NRAO sites, are made for a term of two years and may be renewed for a third year. The full NRAO observing, computational, and support facilities are made available to Jansky Research Associates. The appointment also includes a travel budget and scientific page charge support, as well as vacation accrual, health insurance, a moving allowance, and other benefits. Successful applicants must have received their Ph.D. prior to beginning the appointment and normally within the past four years.

Application may be made to:


National Radio Astronomy Observatory

520 Edgemont Road

Charlottesville, VA 22903-2475

The application should include a curriculum vitae and a brief statement of the type of research activity to be undertaken at the NRAO. (Do not staple or duplex application materials.) The applicant should have three letters of recommendation sent directly to the NRAO.

The deadline for applications and letters of reference is December 1, 1999. The announcement of Jansky Research Associate appointments will be made in compliance with the AAS resolution on uniform notification dates for postdoctoral appointments.

The NRAO is an equal opportunity employer (M/F/H/V).