[Bracewell touching up signature pier on spectroheliograph dish]
Bracewell touching up signature pier on spectroheliograph dish. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell's 5-element interferometer]
5-element interferometer. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell with 32-dish microwave spectroheliograph]
Bracewell with 32-dish microwave spectroheliograph. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell in 1970s]
Bracewell in 1970s. (NRAO/AUI image)


Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell: Folder listing

Centaurus A Research

TitleCentaurus A: Collected Reprints
Start Date1956
End Date1994
Notes2 folders
 [Range 8A]

TitleCentaurus A: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Start Date1961
End Date1997
Notes1 folder
 [Range 8A]

AuthorG. Swarup
TitleOn the problem of scanning Centaurus A with a pencil beam
NotesNo author, no date on report. Bracewell's folder listed Swarup as the author. Report written ca. 1961
 [Range 8A]

TitleEast West Centaurus Scans at Stanford
Start Date3/1961
End Date4/1961
Notes1 folder. Chart records, plots
 [Range 8A]

TitleCentaurus A: 3300 MHz Scans at Stanford, and Correspondence with Little, Carter, and Moffet
Start Date3/1961
End Date9/1961
Notes1 folder, Correspondence, plots, calculations, notes, draft reports, reports. Much of the material is undated. Also included is a letter from Otto Struve about the USA - USSR Radio Astronomy Symposium held at NRAO Green Bank in 1961
 [Range 8A]

TitleCentaurus A: Observation Records, Parkes
Start Date4/15/1962
End Date4/17/1962
Notes1 folder. Notes, plots, charts, calculations
 [Range 8A]

AuthorR.N. Bracewell; B.F.C. Cooper; T.E. Cousins
TitlePolarization in the Central Component of Centaurus A
Start Date1962
End Date1998
Notes1 folder. Prepublication versions and journal cut of paper published in Nature, 195, 1289, 1962, as well as 1962 private communication on position of NGC 5128 sent to Cornell Mayer. Also included is 1998 correspondence with Marc Price about the 1962 events
 [Range 8A]

TitleCentaurus A: Stanford 1962, Hugh Johnson Correspondence
Start Date1962
End Date1963
Notes1 folder, Correspondence from Hugh M. Johnson, plots, calculations, notes, draft manuscripts. Some material is undated.
 [Range 8A]

TitlePosition of NGC 5128
Start Date1962
Notes1 folder. Notes, plots, tables, photographs, private communication of May 1962
 [Range 8A]

AuthorA.G. Little; D.D. Cudaback; R.N. Bracewell
TitleStructure of the Central Component of Centaurus A
Start Date1964
Notes1 folder. Drafts of paper pubblished in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 52, 690, 1964. Plots and diagrams also included
 [Range 8A]

AuthorA.G. Little; R.N. Bracewell
TitleThe Central Component in Centaurus A
Start Date1965
End Date1966
Notes1 folder. Drafts and reprint of paper published in Aust. J. Phys., 19, 421, 1966. Also included are correspondence between Little and Bracewell and related preprints and reprints
 [Range 8A]

AuthorRonald N. Bracewell
TitleProposal to use 5 element interferometer for Centaurus A reseaerch
NotesUndated, untitled proposal, probably written by Bracewell between 1976 and 1979
 [Range 8A]

AuthorRonald N. Bracewell
TitleDiscovery of Strong Extragalactic Polarization Using the Parkes Radio Telescope
Start Date1998
End Date2002
Notes1 folder. Prepublication versions of paper later published in J. Astron. History and Heritage, 5, 107, 2002. Includes copy of 1962 news article and of April 1962 entry in Parkes Visitor Book. Bracewell's original folder title: Polarization of Centaurus
 [Range 8A]

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