[Bracewell touching up signature pier on spectroheliograph dish]
Bracewell touching up signature pier on spectroheliograph dish. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell's 5-element interferometer]
5-element interferometer. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell with 32-dish microwave spectroheliograph]
Bracewell with 32-dish microwave spectroheliograph. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell in 1970s]
Bracewell in 1970s. (NRAO/AUI image)


Papers of Ronald N. Bracewell: Item listing

Conference Proceedings

TitleComputer Assisted Tomography in Nontumoral Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Cord and Eye
Start Date10/11/1976
End Date10/15/1976
Notes1 folder
 [Range 7B]

TitleCultural Evolution Workshop
Start Date11/24/1975
End Date11/25/1975
 [Range 7B]

TitleElectric Energy Conference
Start Date5/10/1978
End Date5/12/1978
 [Range 7B]

TitleExtrasolar Planetary Detection Workshop
Start Date3/24/1976
End Date5/21/1976
Notes2 folders. Materials for Workshops 1-2
 [Range 7B]

TitleExtrasolar Planetary Detection Workshop - Project Orion
Start Date6/14/1976
End Date8/20/1976
Notes2 folders
 [Range 7B]

TitleInterstellar Communication
Start Date1/1975
End Date6/1976
Notes6 folders. Materials for Workshops 1-6
 [Range 7B]

TitleLife in the Extraterrestrial Environment
Start Date6/1976
End Date8/1976
 [Range 7B]

TitleNorwegian Electro-Optics Meeting
Start Date4/11/1985
End Date4/14/1985
 [Range 7B]

TitlePhotovaltaic Concentrator Systems
Start Date5/24/1977
End Date5/26/1977
 [Range 7B]

TitleThe Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Start Date2/24/1977
End Date2/25/1977
 [Range 7B]

TitleSETI Science Workshop
Start Date6/29/1977
End Date6/30/1977
 [Range 7B]

TitleSolar Thermal Concentration Collector Technology Symposium
Start Date6/14/1978
End Date6/15/1978
Notes2 folders
 [Range 7B]

TitleSynthetic Aperture Optics
Start Date8/1967
Notes2 folders
 [Range 7B]

TitleThree-Dimensional Image Reconstruction Techniques
Start Date7/16/1974
End Date7/19/1974
Notes2 folders. Included with meeting materials is correspondence about and a draft of Bracewell's manuscript X-ray Reconstruction in 3D Objects, which apparently was never published
 [Range 7B]

TitleUnconventional Imagery
Start Date9/23/1984
End Date9/28/1984
Notes2 folders
 [Range 7B]

Start Date1952
End Date1969
Notes7 folders. Materials for: 1952 - Sydney; 1957 - Boulder; 1960 - London; 1963 - Tokyo; 1964 - Urbana; 1966 - Munich; 1967 - Ann Arbor; 1969 - Ottawa. Extensive collection of clippings from local newspapers about the 1952 Sydney URSI meeting includes articles on Sir Edward Appleton and one on Ruby Payne-Scott.
 [Range 8A]

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