[Bracewell touching up signature pier on spectroheliograph dish]
Bracewell touching up signature pier on spectroheliograph dish. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell's 5-element interferometer]
5-element interferometer. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell with 32-dish microwave spectroheliograph]
Bracewell with 32-dish microwave spectroheliograph. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell at Cambridge in 1949]
Bracewell at blackboard, Cambridge, 1949. (Cable & Wireless staff magazine image)

[Bracewell with cork oak, September 1977]
Bracewell with cork oak, September 1977. (NRAO/AUI image)

[Bracewell, 21 November 2004]
Bracewell writing, 21 Nov. 2004. (FBOA image)

[Diagram drawm by Bracewell]
Diagram drawn on placemet by Bracewell, 21 Nov.2004. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell, October 22, 1974]
Bracewell at Heliopolis, October 22, 1974. (Jose Mercado / Stanford News Service image)

[Bracewell at 5-element site, November 2004]
Bracewell at 5-element site, 21 Nov. 2004. (FBOA image)

[60 foot dish during construction]
60 foot dish during construction. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell, Swarup, and Pawsey, 1958]
Bracewell and Govind Swarup watch Joe Pawsey carve his name on telescope pier, 1958. (NRAO/AUI image)

[Bracewell with telescope pier, November 2004]
Bracewell with telescope pier, 21 November 2004. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell jumping on telescope backup petal]
Bracewell jumping on 60 foot backup petal during construction. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell in classroom, February 1961]
Bracewell, February 1961. (Jose Mercado / Stanford News Service image)

[Bracewell at 10 foot dish base]
Bracewell at 10 foot dish base. (FBOA image)

[Lash and Bracewell at 60 foot demolition]
Robert Lash and Bracewell at 60 foot demolition, 11 Mar. 2006. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell in the 1970s]
Bracewell in the 1970s. (NRAO/AUI image)

[Sundial designed by Bracewell]
Sundial on Terman Building, Stanford University, designed by Bracewell. (FBOA image)

[60 foot dish at night]
60 foot dish at night. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell with rare eucalyptus]
Bracewell with rare eucalyptus albida, April 2006. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell circa 1955]
Bracewell, circa 1955. (Stanford University image)

[Bracewell ecamining clamp inflation process, November 980]
Bracewell examining clamp inflation process, November 1980. (NRAO/AUI image)

[Spectroheliograph and 60 foot dishes during 60 foot construction]
Spectroheliograph and 60 foot dishes during 60 foot construction. (FBOA image)

[Bracewell in 1960s]
Bracewell in the 1960s. (NRAO/AUI image)