[Burke, August 1993]
Bernard Burke, June 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

[***alt text]
Burke, NRAO 300ft groundbreaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Bernard F. Burke: Folder listing

Photographs Series

TitleParkes and the Southern Sky
Start Date1968
End Date1984
Notes1 folder. 3 photos
 [Range 7A]

TitleNASA Photos
Start Date1969
End Date1979
Notes1 folder. Photos of moon, Venus.
 [Range 7A]

TitleMiscellaneous Photos and Snapshots
Start Date12/3/1980
End Date12/1989
Notes1 folder. Photos, figures, NASA photos, correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleBernard F. Burke
Start Date1985
End Date8/1993
Notes1 folder. Photos, newspaper clipping
 [Range 7A]

TitleScience - Astrophysics from the Moon
Start Date12/1990
Notes1 folder. Diagrams, figures, photo
 [Range 7A]

TitleBernard F. Burke at South Pole
Start Date1996
Notes1 folder. 3 photos
 [Range 7A]

TitleGravitational Lenses
Notes1 folder. Undated diagrams, figures
 [Range 7A]

TitleJackie's Ring
Notes1 folder. Undated figure
 [Range 7A]

TitleLunar Interferometer
Notes1 folder. Undated photo, negatives, slides
 [Range 7A]

Notes1 folder. 1 undated negative
 [Range 7A]

Notes1 folder. Undated figure
 [Range 7A]

Title300 foot at Green Bank
Notes1 folder. Undated photo
 [Range 7A]

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