[Burke, August 1993]
Bernard Burke, June 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

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Burke, NRAO 300ft groundbreaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Bernard F. Burke: Folder listing

Space VLBI Series - Quasat

TitleQuasat Miscellaneous Materials 1982
Start Date6/12/1982
End Date8/2/1982
Notes1 folder. Reports, correspondence
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleQuasat - A VLBI Observatory in Space
Start Date11/12/1982
 [Range 7A Box 1]

AuthorR.E. Freeland
TitleSurvey of Deployable Antenna Concepts
Start Date11/30/1982
End Date12/3/1982
Notes1 folder.Includes report, viewgraph copies
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleQuasat Miscellaneous Materials 1983
Start Date6/7/1983
End Date12/23/1983
Notes1 folder. Reports, correspondence
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleQuasat - A Study of the Imaging Potential of a Space VLBI Observatory
Start Date9/1983
End Date11/23/1983
Notes1 folder. September, October, and November drafts with varying authors
 [Range 7A Box 1]

AuthorP.N. Wilkinson
TitleQuasat Imaging Studies: Potential Contribution of EVN and ESA Facilities
Start Date1/5/1984
End Date3/22/1984
Notes1 folder. Two versions of study
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleQuasat Miscellaneous Materials 1984
Start Date1/3/1984
End Date12/20/1984
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, meeting materials
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleNotes from Quasat Meeting 6
Start Date1/18/1984
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleNotes from Quasat Meetings 7 and 8
Start Date2/8/1984
 [Range 7A Box 1]

AuthorAlan Bridle
TitleFour-Element CLBA Coverage with Other Arrays
Start Date3/12/1984
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleQuasat ESA / NASA Science Teams meeting
Start Date3/27/1984
End Date3/28/1984
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, agenda, viewgraphs
 [Range 7A Box 1]

AuthorY. Rahmat-Samii
TitleGain Loss Estimates for the 15-Meter 64-Gore Wrap-Rib Space-Based VLBI Reflector Antenna at 22 GHz
Start Date4/11/1984
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleSupport Instrumentation Requirements Document for Application of TDRSS for Demonstration of Orbiting Very Long Baseline Interferometry Techniques
Start Date4/12/1984
NotesWith covering letter
 [Range 7A Box 1]

AuthorJ.A. Hammer
TitleBaseline for Quasat Antenna Configurations
Start Date5/15/1984
 [Range 7A Box 1]

TitleQuasat - a VLBI Observatory in Space - Procceedings of a Workshop held at Gross Enzersdorf, Austria, on 18-22 June 1984
Start Date9/1984
NotesESA SP-213
 [Range 7A Box 2]

TitleThe Quasat Mission: An Overview
Start Date9/1984
Notes1 folder. Multi-part report
 [Range 7A Box 2]

TitleQuasat Miscellaneous Materials 1985
Start Date1/10/1985
End Date4/17/1985
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports
 [Range 7A Box 2]

AuthorF. Jordan; A. Hawkyard
TitleQuasat Technical Aspects of the Proposed Mission - Abstract
Start Date1985
NotesEstimated date
 [Range 7A Box 2]

AuthorD.W. Murphy; P.N. Wilkinson
TitleQuasat Image Simulations Final Report
Start Date12/16/1988
End Date3/31/1989
Notes1 folder. Report, correspondence
 [Range 7A Box 2]

TitleDeployable Antenna Flight Experiment Preliminary Definition Study - Rough Draft Vol. II
Start Dateundated
Notes1 folder. Prepared for George C. Marshall Space Flight Center; contract NAS 8-33938
 [Range 7A Box 2]

TitleQuasat Presentation
Start Dateundated
Notes1 folder. Diagrams, figures, viewgraphs, viewgraph copies
 [Range 7A Box 2]

TitleQuasat Miscellaneous Materials - undated
Start Dateundated
Notes1 folder. Reports, correspondence
 [Range 7A Box 2]

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