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Bernard Burke, June 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

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Burke, NRAO 300ft groundbreaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Bernard F. Burke: Folder listing

Space VLBI Series - RadioAstron

TitleWorkshop on the Scientific Advisability of Possible Collaborative Activities in Space Astrophysics with the Soviet Union, November 17-18, 1987
Start Date1981
End Date11/18/1987
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, workshop materials, meeting minutes, notes, transcripts of interviews with Kardashev and Shklovskii
 [Range 7A]

TitleReport on Budapest
Start Date10/8/1985
Notes1 folder. Report
 [Range 7A]

TitleNASA-Soviet Cooperation
Start Date1/21/1986
End Date6/16/1987
Notes1 folder. Report, correspondence, newsletter, memo of understanding
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meetings, May 30-31, 1986 and December 16-17, 1986
Start Date5/1986
End Date12/1986
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, viewgraph
 [Range 7A]

AuthorLevy, G. S.; Linfield, R. P.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Edwards, C. D.; Jordan, J. F., Jr.; di Nardo, J.; Christensen, C. S.; Preston, R. A.; Skjerve, L. J.; Blaney, K. B.
TitleVery Long Baseline Interferometric Observations Made with an Orbiting Radio Telescope
Start Date10/10/1986
Notes1 folder. Journal cut: Science 234: 187-189, 1986
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron 1987
Start Date3/27/1987
End Date8/23/1988
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, notes, newspaper clipping
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meeting, April 14-16, 1987
Start Date4/14/1987
End Date4/16/1987
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials, meeting minutes, report
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meeting, April 19-21, 1988
Start Date4/19/1988
End Date2/4/21/1988
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials, meeting minutes, report
 [Range 7A]

AuthorBernard F. Burke
TitleScientific Assessment of US Participation in VSOP and RadioAstron - Drafts
Start Date1/23/1989
End Date2/1/1989
Notes1 folder. 2 drafts of document by Burke and 18 other members of the OVLBI Science Conculting Group. 8/1/1989 edition can be found in the papers of Kenneth I. Kellermann
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meeting, May1-4, 1989
Start Date3/10/1989
End Date5/1989
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials, viewgraph copies, correspondence
 [Range 7A]

Start Date12/2/1989
End Date5/9/1990
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron and Sakharov
Start Date12/2/1989
End Date9/17/1990
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleTrip Report - RadioAstron in Helsinki, May 1990
Start Date1/17/1990
End Date5/1990
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, report, meeting minutes, notes
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Science Operation
Start Date4/17/1990
End Date8/9/1990
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, drafts, "Radioastron Ground-Space Radio Interferometer for Astrophysics"
 [Range 7A]

TitleGeneral Principles Concerning US Participation in RadioAstron - Draft 4/28/1990
Start Date4/18/1990
End Date8/20/1990
Notes1 folder. Draft, correspondence.
 [Range 7A]

TitleAgenda for the 10th Radioastron Review Meeting, May 21-24, 1990
Start Date5/21/1990
Notes1 folder. Meeting agenda
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Miscellaneous
Start Date1990
Notes1 folder. Reports, notes, viewgraph copies
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Orbital Choices - June 1990
Start Date6/14/1990
End Date7/9/1990
Notes1 folder. Reports, correspondence, notes, figures
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron November 1990 Moscow
Start Date6/15/1990
End Date11/13/1990
Notes1 folder. Reports, meeting agenda, notes, viewgraph copies
 [Range 7A]

TitleMeeting with Soviets - Washington, DC, February 1991
Start Date2/6/1991
End Date2/8/1991
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleRecord of Discussion of the Implementation Teams of the Radioastron Operational Ground Support and Navigation Group Meeting held in Washington, DC, February 7-14, 1991
Start Date2/7/1991
End Date5/10/1991
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, report
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Conference, April 1991
Start Date4/22/1991
End Date4/26/1991
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials, viewgraphs, reprints, notes, brochure
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Science Meetings at JPL / CalTech, August 12-21, 1991
Start Date8/12/1991
End Date8/26/1991
Notes1 folder. Viewgraph copies, correspondence, reports, notes
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Conference Materials, October 21-25, 1991
Start Date9/26/1991
End Date10/1/1991
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Miscellaneous
Start Date1991
Notes1 folder. Reports, correspondence, diagrams
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meeting, May 1992
Start Date3/3/1992
End Date12/3/1992
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, photo
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meeting , May 25-27, 1993
Start Date5/25/1993
End Date7/1993
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, meeting minutes of RISC meeting, report
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Miscellaneous 1993
Start Date6/20/1993
End Date10/1993
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, meeting materials, viewgraphs, viewgraph copies, reports
 [Range 7A]

TitleVLBI 1994
Start Date12/3/1993
End Date4/20/1994
Notes2 folders. Viewgraph copies, reports, correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleNASA Ground Networks Division - VLBI Mission Concepts - RadioAstron
Start Date1/1994
Notes1 folder. Viewgraph copies
 [Range 7A]

TitleRadioAstron Meeting, June 7-9, 1994
Start Date6/7/1994
End Date6/14/1994
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials, viewgraph copies, reprint, correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleWoods Hole Workshop and RISC - October 1998
Start Date9/30/1998
End Date10/7/1998
Notes2 folders. Notes, correspondence, viewgraphs, viewgraph copies, reports
 [Range 7A]

TitleMinutes of the RadioAstron Teleconference on May 16, 2007
Start Date5/16/2007
Notes1 folder. Meeting minutes
 [Range 7A]

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