[Marshall Cohen, 2009]
Cohen at Caltech, 2009. Image courtesy of Marshall Cohen

[Map of early VLBI locations]
Telescope locations and baselines for early VLBI experiments. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Marshall H. Cohen: Item listing

Miscellaneous Meetings

TitleAUI Advisory Committee on Radio Astronomy, Warm Springs, VA, 16 October 1957
Start Date10/16/1957
Notes1 folder. Meeting minutes, notes
 [Range 6A]

TitleQuasars and AGN, National Academy of Sciences, 24-25 March 1995
Start Date3/24/1995
End Date3/25/1995
Notes9 cassette tapes
 [Range 6A]

TitleRadio Astronomy at the Fringe Workshop, Green Bank, WV, 10-12 October 2002
Start Date7/18/2001
End Date10/12/2002
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, program
 [Range 6A]

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