[Marshall Cohen, 2009]
Cohen at Caltech, 2009. Image courtesy of Marshall Cohen

[Map of early VLBI locations]
Telescope locations and baselines for early VLBI experiments. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Marshall H. Cohen: Item listing

Very Long Baseline Arrayy (VLBA)

TitleEarly History
Start Date11/22/1965
End Date4/5/1967
Notes1 folder. "Some Considerations for a Very Long Baseline Interferometer AIO-NRAO" by Marshall Cohen, et al 11/22/1965; "Proposal for an OH Interferometer Experiment Between Lincoln Observatory and NRAO" by J.M. Moran et al 4/5/1967; "Proposal for an OH Interferometer Experiment Between Lincoln Laboratory and NRAO" by J.M. Moran and B.F. Burke undated
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AuthorKenneth I. Kellermann
TitleSome Thoughts on the Construction of an Intercontinental Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)
Start Date6/27/1973
End Date7/9/1973
NotesI folder. Includes correspondence
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TitleVLB Array Meeting, Charlottesville, VA, 30 April 1974
Start Date4/10/1974
End Date4/30/1974
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, agenda, notes
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TitleVLBA Design Group
Start Date7/18/1974
End Date8/4/1980
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, notes, reports
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TitleVLB Preliminary Report
Start Date8/30/1974
End Date9/18/1974
Notes1 folder. Report dated 8/30/1974. Includes correspondence
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TitleVLB Array Questionnaire, etc.
Start Date9/9/1974
End Date10/30/1974
Notes1 folder. Questionnaire dated 9/1974. Includes correspondence, notes, returned questionnaires
 [Range 6A]

TitleVLBI Array
Start Date4/14/1975
End Date6/16/1975
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, notes, reports
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TitleCohen - Kellermann Correspondence
Start Date1975
End Date12/12/1986
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, report
 [Range 6A]

TitleNIA - National Interferometric Array
Start Date7/17/1979
End Date12/7/1979
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, notes, "An Integrated VLBI Network for the USA"
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TitleVLBI Array - NIA Notes 1979-1980
Start Date10/25/1979
End Date7/7/1980
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, reports
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TitleH.A.R.T. [ High Angular Resolution Telescope ]
Start Date1979
End Date1980
Notes1 folder. Materials on VLBI Array Meeting January 17-18, 1980; includes correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, reports
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Start Date1/16/1980
End Date7/8/1980
Notes1 folder. Includes: The WEST Cross Array (Whole Earth Synthesis Telescope) by D.C. Backer 1/16/1980; Reactions to Pasadena Meeting 1/23/1980; Array Studies III by D.C. Backer 3/17/1980; VLBI Array Studies IV by D.C. Backer 3/19/1980; Array Dynamic Ranges by Richard S. Simon 7/8/1980; notes
 [Range 6A]

TitleVLBA 1980-1981
Start Date2/18/1980
End Date5/26/1981
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 6A]

Start Date3/5/1980
End Date4/29/1980
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, notes, draft of a report, viewgraphs
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TitleVLB Array - NRAO Memos
Start Date5/22/1980
End Date7/24/1981
Notes1 folder. Includes Memos 1-25, 29
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TitleThe VLB Array (Draft, Preliminary) Owens Valley Radio Observatory & Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; M.H. Cohen, ed.
Start Date5/23/1980
Notes1 folder. Includes some correspondence
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TitleThe VLB Array Report
Start Date8/5/1980
End Date9/8/1980
Notes1 folder. Includes undated copy of VLB Array Report; correspondence
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TitleA Transcontinental Radio Telescope: Study for a Very Long Baseline Array - draft
Start Date1980
Notes1 folder. Cal Tech (Owens Valley & JPL/Pasadena, Sept 1980)
 [Range 6A]

TitleVLB Array
Start Date6/7/1982
End Date1/22/1984
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, reports
 [Range 6A]

AuthorDavid B. Shaffer
TitleVLBI Correlated Flux Densities in January, March, May, and July 1985
Start Date7/1/1985
End Date11/5/1985
Notes1 folder. Includes report, correspondence, charts
 [Range 6A]

TitleSubcommittee on NSF Radio Astronomy Facilities - June 1988
Start Date6/1988
End Date12/22/1988
Notes1 folder. Includes report, correspondence
 [Range 6A]

AuthorJ.S. Gubbay
TitleVLBI Investigation of Quasars
Start Date1988
Notes1 folder. Photocopy of a chapter from "Scientific Investigations of The Space Research Group" Gubbay & Lynn, DSTO, 1988
 [Range 6A]

TitleFigures - VLB Report
Notes1 folder. Undated material
 [Range 6A]

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