[Doc Ewen looks into the horn antenna, 1950]
Image courtesy of Doc Ewen


Harvard Cyclotron: 1948-1951

Detection of HI Line: 1951

Harvard 24ft and 60ft and NRAO founding: 1952-1956

1950s and 1960s: Two Roads that Crossed

Microwave & Millimeter Wave Applications in the 1970s and 1980s

Mm Wave Radiometry in the 1990s

May 2001 visit to NRAO Green Bank



[Doc Ewen and horn antenna, 2001]
Image courtesy of Doc Ewen

Doc Ewen: The Horn, HI, and Other Events in US Radio Astronomy

by Doc Ewen, © 2003

Slide 46: Two Roads that Crossed in the Wood - Growth of US Radio Astronomy in the 1950s and 1960s

[Invitation to Harvard 25th service award]

An invitation that could not be accepted: I was relocating the Needham telescope to Oahu, Hawaii, as part of the global Radio Solar Telescope Network (RSTN), where it still operates at 240 MHz. The Harvard chair with monogram, celebrating my 25 years of service at Harvard, was waiting for me when I returned to Massachusetts from Hawaii. Credit: Photo courtesy of Doc Ewen.

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