[Mark Gordon, 2007]
Mark Gordon, 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

[Artist's comception of MMA]
Artist's conception of MMA. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Mark A. Gordon: Folder listing

Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array

TitleALMA Project Book
Start Date5/7/1998
End Date3/24/2000
Notes1 folder. MAG's work on Chapter 16 "Site Development" and Chapter 18 "Post-Construction Operations"; correspondence, 2 diskettes
 [Range 7A]

TitleSite Cost Estimates
Start Date10/20/1998
End Date5/27/1999
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports. Includes "Estimated Site Development Costs of the MMA Project in Chile" by M.A. Gordon 19 January 1999
 [Range 7A]

TitleDraft of the Memorandum of Understanding Between NSF and the European Organisations
Start Date3/30/1999
Notes1 folder.
 [Range 7A]

TitleM3 Engineering and Technology Corp. Information
Start Date6/17/1999
End Date8/9/1999
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, 2 diskettes, reports. Includes "Electrical Study for Load Flow & Voltage Drop Report for ALMA Telescope Project"
 [Range 7A]

TitleOSF (Observing Support Facility) - Selection Report
Start Date6/1999
End Date12/15/1999
Notes1 folder. "Prospective Site for the ALMA OSF"; memo
 [Range 7A]

TitleALMA Miscellany
Start Date11/3/1999
End Date12/6/1999
Notes1 folder. (MAG's folder was not labeled) Includes information about task descriptions and site development; various reports, charts, notes, correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleInterface Control Documents - Antenna Electric Power
Start Date12/12/1999
Notes1 folder. "ALMA Antenna/Site Electric Power Interface"
 [Range 7A]

TitleOperating Plan - Staff Estimates
Start Date12/1999
End Date5/2000
Notes1 folder. Charts, summeries, correspondence, viewgraph copies
 [Range 7A]

TitleOSF (Observing Support Facility) - Specifications
Start Date2/4/2000
End Date3/30/2000
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports.
 [Range 7A]

TitleSite Development and Costs
Start Date2/15/2000
End Date3/10/2000
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes
 [Range 7A]

TitleMillimeter Array Oversight Committee (MMAOC) Meeting, March 2-3 2000
Start Date3/2/2000
End Date3/3/2000
Notes1 folder. Travel voucher expenses, agendas, viewgraphs, viewgraph copies, correspondence
 [Range 7A]

TitleALMA Configuration CoDR Meeting, March 20-21 2000
Start Date3/7/2000
End Date3/21/2000
Notes1 folder. (conceptual design review) Correspondence, agenda, viewgraphs
 [Range 7A]

TitleOperating Plan - Post-Construction Operations
Start Date3/28/2000
Notes1 folder. ALMA Project Book, Chapter 18: Post-Construction Operations
 [Range 7A]

TitleOSF (Observing Support Facility) - Architect's Space Plan
Start Date3/2000
Notes1 folder. "ALMA OSF Space Distribution Programme (first draft)" Hofstadt et al; blueprint
 [Range 7A]

TitleOort Symposium and ESO Site Meeting
Start Date4/7/2000
End Date5/3/2000
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, travel itinerary, travel expense vouchers, notes, viewgraphs
 [Range 7A]

TitleALMA Operations Staffing Plan
Start Date4/13/2000
Notes1 folder
 [Range 7A]

Title"ALMA in Chile: A Plan for Operations and Site Construction" by M.A. Gordon
Start Date5/30/2000
Notes1 folder
 [Range 7A]

TitleALMA cd Archives
Start Date6/26/2000
Notes1 folder. 1 cd
 [Range 7A]

TitleEuropean Agreements
Notes1 folder. Undated material: "ALMA Phase 1 Management Plan Version 1.0"
 [Range 7A]

TitleGraphic Material
Notes1 folder. Undated material: photo, artist's concept
 [Range 7A]

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