[Mark Gordon, 2007]
Mark Gordon, 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

[Artist's comception of MMA]
Artist's conception of MMA. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Mark A. Gordon: Folder listing

Other Institutions

TitleAURA/CTIO - Financial Interchange
Start Date2/10/1995
End Date9/18/1997
Notes1 folder. "Agreement Between The Association for Research in Astronomy, Inc. and AUI"; correspondence; notes
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TitleAURA/CTIO - Living Information - Elaine Williams
Notes1 folder. Correspondence is undated; International English Spanish Association newsletters 1996-1998
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TitleAURA/CTIO - Living Information - Premium, Expatriate
Notes1 folder. Undated NSF Office of Inspector General report
 [Range 7A]

TitleESO - Ad hoc European Science Committee
Start Date9/22/1997
End Date10/31/1997
Notes1 folder. "MMA/LSA Proposal from the European Science Group"; "Recommendation to the MMA/LSA Management Board"
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TitleESO - Agreements with NRAO
Start Date6/26/1997
End Date9/22/1997
Notes1 folder. Resolution; MMA/LSA Management Meeting 9/18/1997 notes
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TitleESO - LSA Safety Document
Start Date9/23/1997
Notes1 folder. "LSA Site Testing Project Safety Recommendation" by Otarola et al
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TitleESO - LSA/MMA Feasibility Study
Start Date4/1998
End Date9/15/1998
Notes1 folder. Includes "LSA/MMA Feasibility Study April 1998"; ESO Press Release "Europe Agrees on Common Strategy to Initiate Study of LSA/MMA"
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TitleESO - Organizational Climate Report
Start Date10/1997
Notes1 folder
 [Range 7A]

TitleESO - Proposal for Large Southern Array
Start Date10/1995
Notes1 folder. "Large Southern Array - A 21st Century Millimeter Array with 10000 m2 Collecting Area"
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TitleESO - VLT Operations Model
Start Date9/1995
Notes1 folder. "The Operations Model for the Very Large Telescope" invited talk given by Dietrch Baade at the Astronomische Gesellschaft meeting, Sept 18-23, 1995
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TitleJapanese Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array - Japanese Plan for Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array
Start Date3/11/1996
Notes1 folder.
 [Range 7A]

TitleJapanese Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array - Operating Plan - Ishiguro's Viewgraphs at Atacama Array Meeting in 1997
Start Date3/1998
End Date3/11/1999
Notes1 folder. Includes Reprint: "Japanese Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Array" by Ishiguro & the LMSA Working Group; "A Japanese Plan for Design & Development"; Viewgraph copies: "Operation and Observing Modes" by Masato Ishiguro
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TitleSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory - Project on MK
Notes1 folder. Undated material: map, photos, blueprints
 [Range 7A]

TitleSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory - SAO memo/Chile
Start Date5/1992
End Date1/5/1999
Notes1 folder. Report: "Submillimeter Array Technical Memorandum" Raffin & Kusunoki May 1992; photos; Reprint: "The Submillimeter Array Project" by D.J. Wilner
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