[Mark Gordon, 2007]
Mark Gordon, 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

[Artist's comception of MMA]
Artist's conception of MMA. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Mark A. Gordon: Folder listing

Millimeter Array: Permits and Agreements

TitlePermits and Agreements - Mineral Rights
Start Date10/21/1997
End Date10/22/1997
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, maps, includes information on mining
 [Range 7A]

TitlePermits and Agreements - University of Chile
Start Date1/14/1998
Notes1 folder. Correspondence and commentary on November 1997 AUI/UChile agreement
 [Range 7A]

TitlePermits and Agreements - Japan
Start Date6/12/1995
Notes1 folder. Memo of Agreement NAO & NRAO - Site Testing
 [Range 7A]

TitlePermits and Agreements - Land Acquisition
Start Date5/8/1995
End Date7/19/1999
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, draft agreement between CONICYT & AUI regarding lease of site
 [Range 7A]

TitlePermits and Agreements - Environmental Planning and Construction
Start Date11/26/1996
End Date12/1/1997
Notes1 folder. Notes, correspondence, brochures
 [Range 7A]

TitlePermits and Agreements - AUI Accreditation
Start Date6/4/1996
End Date12/6/1997
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, certificate, power of attorney
 [Range 7A]

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