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Papers of Mark A. Gordon: Folder listing

Millimeter Array - Trip Reports

TitleTrip Report - April 10-29, 1995 - Reference Information
Start Date2/9/1995
End Date8/8/1995
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, maps, CTIO Personnel Roster
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - April 10-29, 1995
Start Date4/10/1995
End Date7/3/1995
Notes1 folder. Notes, correspondence, business cards, itinerary journal cuts
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - October 27 - November 16, 1996
Start Date10/27/1996
End Date12/18/1996
Notes1 folder. 2 diskettes, brochure, notes, reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - May 2-12, 1997
Start Date4/22/1997
End Date5/12/1997
Notes1 folder. Calendar, maps, notes, correspondence, diskette, report
 [Range 8A]

Title Trip Report - December 10-16, 1997
Start Date12/9/1997
End Date12/16/1997
Notes1 folder. Itinerary, notes
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - March 2-13, 1998
Start Date1/27/1998
End Date4/7/1998
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, itinerary, invoice, report
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - September 8-15, 1998
Start Date8/12/1998
End Date9/16/1998
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, map, itinerary
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - November 1998
Start Date10/20/1998
End Date11/19/1998
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - August 14-22, 1999
Start Date7/23/1999
End Date8/23/1999
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, travel expenditures, brochure, notes
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - November 6-11, 1999
Start Date10/8/1999
End Date11/29/1999
Notes1 folder. Itinerary, map, travel expenses, travel vouchers
 [Range 8A]

TitleTrip Report - January 23-28, 2000
Start Date1/4/2000
End Date1/28/2000
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, travel expenditures, ALMA OP Staffing Plan Draft
 [Range 8A]

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