[Mark Gordon, 2007]
Mark Gordon, 2007. NRAO/AUI image.

[Artist's comception of MMA]
Artist's conception of MMA. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Mark A. Gordon

Finding Aid to the Papers of Mark A. Gordon

Mark A. Gordon joined the scientific staff of the NRAO in 1969. He was appointed the first Assistant Director for Tucson Operations, serving from 1973 until 1984 and, at the same time, serving as Project Manager of the 25-m Millimeter-Wave Telescope eventually proposed for construction on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. He served on the technical committee responsible for the design of the antennas for the Very Large Array. In 1993 Gordon became Division Head for Chile of the NRAO millimeter-wave array (MMA) project, now known as ALMA. He recommended that the MMA be constructed in Chile rather than North America and, accordingly, designed an operating plan and estimated the cost of construction and operations from a high-altitude site above the Atacama Desert. This collection includes Gordon's materials related to the planning and development for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Millimeter Array (MMA) in Chile, as well as the beginnings of the transition from MMA to the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), a multi-institutional collaborative project.

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