[David Heeschen, 1962]
David S. Heeschen, 1962. (NRAO/AUI image)

[David Heeschen, 1991]
David S. Heeschen, 1991. (NRAO/AUI image)

[Heeschen speaking at 140 foot dedication]
Heeschen speaking at 140 ft dedication, October 1965. (NRAO/AUI image)


Papers of David S. Heeschen: Folder listing

General Subject Files

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society
Start Date1981
End Date1982
Notes2 folders. Material related to a review of financial and business aspects of the Astrophysical Journal during Heeschen's tenure as AAS president. Materials grouped as originally filed
 [Range 6A]

TitleAstronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee
Start Date1/23/1990
End Date1/3/1991
NotesCorrespondence related to the 1990s decadal review chaired by John N. Bahcall
 [Range 6A]

TitleChina visit
Start Date1977
Notes2 folders. Materials from trip to China by U.S. astronomy delegation, 29 September - 24 October 1977. Correspondence, itinerary, Chinese observatory staff lists, photographs, Heeschen's handwritten trip diary, photocopy of Charles H. Townes journal account of trip
 [Range 6A]

TitleHarvard Visiting Committee
Start Date4/18/1977
End Date2/20/1980
Notes1 folder. Correspondence related to Heeschen's tenure on the Committee
 [Range 6A]

TitleIAU Executive Committee
Start Date3/23/1979
End Date11/22/1982
Notes1 folder. Correspondence related to the IAU 18th General Assembly in Patros, Greece, in 1982, and to the case of Leonid Ozernoy. Heeschen was U.S. Vice-President for the IAU during this period.
 [Range 6A]

TitleMiscellaneous memorabilia
Start Date1977
Notes1977 ad for NRAO Director's position (to succeed Heeschen), 1977 AUI check to Heeschen for $0.00, undated New Year's card and two sketches from Joseph Shklovsky
 [Range 6A]

TitleNational Academy of Sciences
Start Date1971
End Date1981
Notes1 folder. 1971 correspondence related to Heeschen's election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1971, and 1981 correspondence on the cases of Jose Frederico Westerkamp and Yuri Orlov
 [Range 6A]

TitleNASA Meeting, 10/20/1989
Start Date5/16/1989
End Date11/7/1989
Notes1 folder. Correspondence related to meeting on AXAF Science Support Center
 [Range 6A]

TitleSETI Hearing
Start Date9/19/1978
End Date9/28/1978
Notes1 folder. Heeschen's statement on SETI to Congressional Committee
 [Range 6A]

Start Date9/23/1987
Notes1 folder. Text is possibly for a talk about SETI
 [Range 6A]

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