[Hogg in 2004]
Dave Hogg in 2004. (NRAO/AUI image)

[Hogg with measuring engine, 1968]
Dave Hogg in 1968. (NRAO/AUI image)


Papers of David E. Hogg: Item listing

Very Large Array (VLA)

TitleVLA Configuration Meetings and Notes
Start Date11/24/1965
End Date4/21/1967
Notes1 folder. Includes charts, notes, reports, correspondence, memos, meeting minutes
 [Range 6A]

TitleWater Vapor and the VLA
Start Date6/1966
End Date4/10/1972
Notes1 folder. Includes notes, charts, graphs, reports, data
 [Range 6A]

TitleVLA Configurations 1974
Start Date1/29/1974
End Date2/28/1974
Notes1 folder. Includes notes, charts
 [Range 6A]

TitleWater Vapor Survey Notebook
NotesUndated. Includes names, phone numbers, addresses, notes
 [Range 6A]

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