[Kellermann, September 2008]
Kellermann, September 2008. NRAO/AUI image

[Kellermann and Reber, spring 1995]
Kellerman and Reber, spring 1995. Image courtesy of Ken Kellermann

[Kellermann, January 1970]
Kellermann, January 1970. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA telescope map]
VLBA telescope map. NRAO/AUI image

[Ken Kellermann, early 1960s]
Kellermann at CalTech, early 1960s. Image courtesy of Ken Kellermann

[Kellermann, July 1977]
Kellermann, July 1977. Image courtesy of Marshal H. Cohen

[Map of early VLBI locations]
Telescope locations and baselines for early VLBI experiments. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Kenneth I. Kellermann: Item listing

VLBI - General

TitleVLBI history
Start Date1965
End Date1988
NotesOriginal folder label. Correspondence, memos, reprints, notes, and other materials
 [Range 7B]

AuthorBarry G. Clark; R. Weimer; S. Weinreb
TitleThe Mark II VLB system: Principles and operating procedures
Start Date4/1972
NotesNRAO Electronic Division Internal Report 118
 [Range 7B]

TitleSatellite link radio interferometry
Start Date1972
End Date1978
Notes3 folders. Correspondence, memos, reports, etc.
 [Range 7B]

TitleVLBI processor
Start Date1973
End Date1977
NotesMemos, newsletters
 [Range 7B]

AuthorA.C. Schultheis; R.J. Sullivan; R.L. Harris
TitleEstimates of benefits and costs of measuring polar motion and universal time using very long baseline interferometry and satellite laser ranging
Start Date5/1977
NotesSystem Planning Corporation report 289
 [Range 7B]

AuthorB. Meredith; B. Rayhrer
TitleThe NRAO VLBI Mark II processor
Start Date6/1978
NotesNRAO Electronic Division Internal Report 187
 [Range 7B]

TitleExperimental data and notes
Start Date5/22/1980
End Date6/2/1980
NotesPlots for 22-23 May 1980 and 1-2 June 1980 notes on recording problems
 [Range 7B]

AuthorJohn C. Webber; Alan E.E. Rogers; Hans F. Hinteregger
TitleThe Haystack Mark IIIA system: a twelvefold tape density upgrade
Start Date4/4/1983
 [Range 7B]

AuthorW. Alef; M.A. Garrett; F. Mantovani
TitleEuropean VLBI handbook
Start Date5/1/1991
 [Range 7B]

AuthorJ.M. Wrobel; M.J. Claussen
TitleVery Long Baseline Interferometry at the Very Large Array
Start Date3/1/1994
 [Range 7B]

TitleVLBI reductions
NotesUndated. Instructions and guidelines
 [Range 7B]

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