[Kellermann, September 2008]
Kellermann, September 2008. NRAO/AUI image

[Kellermann and Reber, spring 1995]
Kellerman and Reber, spring 1995. Image courtesy of Ken Kellermann

[Kellermann, January 1970]
Kellermann, January 1970. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA telescope map]
VLBA telescope map. NRAO/AUI image

[Ken Kellermann, early 1960s]
Kellermann at CalTech, early 1960s. Image courtesy of Ken Kellermann

[Kellermann, July 1977]
Kellermann, July 1977. Image courtesy of Marshal H. Cohen

[Map of early VLBI locations]
Telescope locations and baselines for early VLBI experiments. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Kenneth I. Kellermann: Item listing

VLBI - Space VLBI Unit

AuthorAnthony Readhead; Robert Preston; Bernard Burke
TitleA study of the imaging potential of a space VLBI observatory : a proposal to the Caltech President's Fund
Start Date12/23/1982
 [Range 7B]

TitleSpace VLBI - general
Start Date1983
NotesIncludes correspondence, meeting plans and notes, drafts of Preliminary Science Requirements for Quasat
 [Range 7B]

TitleUV Scans
Start Date10/10/1983
Notes13 scans
 [Range 7B]

TitleSpace VLBI - general
Start Date1984
NotesIncludes correspondence, reports, meeting plans and notes
 [Range 7B]

TitleQuasat - a VLBI observatory in space
Start Date1984
NotesProceedings of workshop, 18-22 June 1984. ESA SP-213
 [Range 7B]

TitleWorkshop on Quasat - a VLBI observatory in space
Start Date1984
NotesWorkshop abstracts. ESA SP-213
 [Range 7B]

TitleSpace VLBI - general
Start Date1985
End Date1986
NotesIncludes correspondence, notes, reports
 [Range 7B]

TitleQuasat - a space VLBI satellite - assessment study
Start Date11/1985
NotesESA SCI (85)5
 [Range 7B]

TitleExplorer Concept Study Program - Space Science and Applications Notice
Start Date3/14/1986
NotesNASA publication
 [Range 7B]

AuthorA.C.S. Readhead et al
TitleQuasat - a study of the imaging potential of a space VLBI observatory
Start Date7/1986
NotesCaltech Astrophysics Preprint 13, 1986
 [Range 7B]

TitleQuasat, a VLI observatory in space : a proposal to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Start Date7/31/1986
Notes2 folders
 [Range 7B]

AuthorOVLBI Science Consulting Group
TitleUS participation in VSOP and RADIOASTRON
Start Date8/1/1989
 [Range 7B]

AuthorV. Altunin et al
TitleIVS - an orbiting radio telescope - report on the assessment study
Start Date1/1991
NotesESA SCI (91)2
 [Range 7B]

TitleInstitut Kosmicheskikh Issledovanii
NotesUndated. In Russian
 [Range 7B]

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