[Kellermann, September 2008]
Kellermann, September 2008. NRAO/AUI image

[Kellermann and Reber, spring 1995]
Kellerman and Reber, spring 1995. Image courtesy of Ken Kellermann

[Kellermann, January 1970]
Kellermann, January 1970. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA telescope map]
VLBA telescope map. NRAO/AUI image

[Ken Kellermann, early 1960s]
Kellermann at CalTech, early 1960s. Image courtesy of Ken Kellermann

[Kellermann, July 1977]
Kellermann, July 1977. Image courtesy of Marshal H. Cohen

[Map of early VLBI locations]
Telescope locations and baselines for early VLBI experiments. NRAO/AUI image