[Kraus in Ohio State classroom, 1970s]
In Ohio State classroom, helical antenna in background; 1970s. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Ohio State radio telescope antenna, August 1952]
Ohio State radio telescope antenna, August 1952. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus at Big Ear antenna, late-1960s]
At Big Ear antenna, late 1960s. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus high school graduation photo, 1926]
High school graduation, 1926. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Big Ear antenna, late-1960s]
Ohio State radio telescope, "Big Ear". (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus in group, 1939]
L to R: Goudsmit, Yoakum, Heisenberg, Fermi, Kraus, 1939. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[John and Alice Kraus, 1997]
John and Alice Kraus, 1997. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus with flattop beam antenna, 1939]
With flattop beam antenna, 1939. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus cutting wood, 1965]
Cutting wood, summer 1965. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus at APS special session, June 2003]
APS Special Session, June 2003. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus with ham radio group, 1939]
With ham radio group, 1939. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)


Papers of John Daniel Kraus: Item listing


TitleAir-filled duct transmission lines
Start Date1973
End Date1978
NotesCorrespondence, notes, drawings, photos, press release
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleBook: Cosmic Radio Radiation, by I.S. Shklovsky, Russian edition
Start Date1956
NotesInscribed to Kraus; photo of 96-helix array on p. 62
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleChicken pox temperature charts
Start Date5/1949
NotesCharts from Kraus' bout with chicken pox
 [Range 6A Box 1]

Start Date2000
NotesGeneral information about fractals
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleFreddy Seti
NotesUndated. Cartoon; includes cartoon drawings, notes
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleGlobal Positioning System (GPS)
Start Date1996
NotesCorrespondence, notes, journal cuts, map
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleJohn Kraus notes
Start Date2000
NotesVarious subjects
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleJohn's book of proverbs
Start Date1980
End Date1980
NotesEstimated dates. Hand-copied quotes, newspaper clippings, journal cuts
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleLimericks by John Kraus
Start Date1961
NotesEstimated date
 [Range 6A Box 1]

Start Date1999
End Date2001
NotesCorrespondence; notes
 [Range 6A Box 2]

NotesMiscellaneous undated notes
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleMiscellaneous - Bible and Christianity
NotesUndated notes and papers
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleObservations and aphorisms notebook
Start Date1941
End Date1945
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleOral history interview questions
Start Date1987
NotesQuestions prepared by Philip Barnhart; interview was never done [per Dr. Barnhart in email to NRAO Archives, 27 June 2009]
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitlePalindromes and stuff
NotesUndated; Kraus' folder heading
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleParty questions and games
NotesUndated; Kraus' folder heading
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitlePhysics Research Co., Ann Arbor MI
NotesUndated; Kraus research/report on Kimberly-Clark Lakeview Mill: "Explanation of Noisy Conditions with Standard Packing." Includes handwritten notes
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleResearch concepts and general philosophies
Start Date1923
End Date1968
NotesNewspaper clippings, journal cuts, notes, leaflets, correspondence
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleSETI cells
NotesUndated handwritten notes for an unfinished paper
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleSolar heating
Start Date1977
End Date1981
NotesCorrespondence, notes, diagrams, journal cuts, newspaper clippings, receipts
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleSpider web
NotesUndated photos of spider web
 [Range 6A Box 2]

Start Date4/24/2004
NotesCorrespondence to Dean Herbers
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleUltra Short Waves, by E.G. Klatskyne
Start Date1931
NotesRussian text
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleUnits (URSI)
Start Date3/15/1954
NotesDraft of Report from URSI Sub-Committee Vb on Terminology and Units in Radio Astronomy
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleWind power
Start Date1978
NotesNotes, journal cut
 [Range 6A Box 2]

NotesUndated diagrams
 [Range 6A Box 2]

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