[Kraus in Ohio State classroom, 1970s]
In Ohio State classroom, helical antenna in background; 1970s. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Ohio State radio telescope antenna, August 1952]
Ohio State radio telescope antenna, August 1952. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus at Big Ear antenna, late-1960s]
At Big Ear antenna, late 1960s. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus high school graduation photo, 1926]
High school graduation, 1926. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Big Ear antenna, late-1960s]
Ohio State radio telescope, "Big Ear". (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus in group, 1939]
L to R: Goudsmit, Yoakum, Heisenberg, Fermi, Kraus, 1939. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[John and Alice Kraus, 1997]
John and Alice Kraus, 1997. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus with flattop beam antenna, 1939]
With flattop beam antenna, 1939. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus cutting wood, 1965]
Cutting wood, summer 1965. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus at APS special session, June 2003]
APS Special Session, June 2003. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Kraus with ham radio group, 1939]
With ham radio group, 1939. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)


Papers of John Daniel Kraus: Item listing

Notes and Papers: Radio Astronomy Research

TitleGreat Circle Map 1st edition
Start Date5/1928
Notes1 folder. Maps; diagrams
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleGrant funding for astronomy at Ohio State University
Start Date1950
End Date1975
Notes1 folder. Handwritten and typed notes on 5x7 cards
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleJupiter Signals
Start Date2/10/1956
End Date3/2/1957
Notes1 folder. Esterline Angus chart; notes
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleSun Record 1.25 cm
Start Date3/10/1956
Notes1 folder. Esterline Angus chart
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleSolar Burst
Start Date7/6/1956
Notes1 folder. Esterline Angus chart
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleUrbana AAS papers
Start Date8/1957
Notes1 folder. AAS program; abstracts of papers presented at AAS meeting; photo; copies of Pawsey, Minkowski, Hewish, and McVittie papers read at conference
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleMichigan symposium
Start Date10/1959
Notes1 folder. University of Michigan 85 foot radio telescope dedication program and brochure; reprints, abstracts, notes, newspaper clipping
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleSatellites - Io - Tiuri
Start Date4/24/1961
End Date10/5/1965
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, maps, charts, graphs, reprints, notes, lecture
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleNuke telegram
Start Date7/3/1962
Notes1 folder. Telegram to Kraus about next high altitude nuclear detonation
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleM31 600mc Profiles
Start Date10/1962
End Date12/1962
Notes1 folder. Graphs
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleOSU News in Engineering Reports
Start Date1963
End Date1967
Notes1 folder. Research project reports
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleM31 Records 4147' 1415mc
Start Date10/1963
Notes1 folder. Chart
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleOA184 and OA188
Start Date12/19/1964
End Date3/1/1966
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, diagrams, charts, graphs re: "Are Radio Sources OA184 and OA188 Remnants of Events of 684 and 668 A.D.?" by J.R. Thompson and J.D. Kraus
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleM31 Hydrogen Line Survey
Start Date3/30/1965
End Date8/9/1965
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, charts, graphs, notes
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleContours and profiles of peaked sources
Start Date2/8/1966
End Date2/15/1966
Notes1 folder. Diagrams
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitlePulsar SNR OSU Observations
Start Date3/27/1966
End Date7/17/1989
Notes1 folder. Correspondence; charts; "Discovery of a Shell-Type Supernova Remnants in the Direction of the Young Pulsar PSR 1930+22" by Routledge and Vaneldik
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleRobert S. Dixon survey
Start Date11/10/1966
End Date8/9/1971
Notes1 folder. Correspondence; notes; charts
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleRadio sources - Correspondence
Start Date6/20/1967
End Date6/18/1968
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleBeverley Harris Wills
Start Date1/9/1970
End Date2/4/1972
Notes1 folder. Correspondence; diagrams; notes; "Daily and Hourly Flux Density Variations of Radio Sources" by Wills; "The Properties of OSU Sources at Optical and Radio Frequencies-The Ohio Survey (Plans for Future Studies) by Beverley J. Wills
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleMike Davis
Start Date9/14/1970
End Date10/26/1970
Notes1 folder. Correspondence; "The N(S) Relationship at 1400 MHz" by Bridle and Davis
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleBeverly Harris Wills - IAU paper
Start Date10/1/1970
Notes1 folder. "QSOs and Radio Galaxies - Their Spectra and Time Variations at Radio Frequencies" by Beverley J. Harris; notes; diagrams
 [Range 6A Box 2]

Start Date12/29/1977
End Date2/20/1978
NotesNewspaper clipping, press release
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleRadio observatory records - WOW-like signals
Start Date6/2/1978
End Date10/1978
Notes1 folder. Charts; "The Ohio State University SETI Program" by Dixon et al IAF Conference Oct. 1978
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleChart recording
Start Date8/12/1978
NotesMounted chart recordings. Stored in oversized flat box on range 1
 [Range 1]

TitleSolar system signature
Start Date1978
End Date1979
Notes1 folder. Notes, correspondence, journal cuts
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleCygnus A 1979
Start Date4/13/1979
End Date7/8/1979
Notes1 folder. Notes; charts; graphs
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleGravity waves
Start Date6/13/1990
End Date11/23/1990
Notes1 folder. Notes, data, correspondence on Kraus' gravity wave work with Ulrich Gerlach and Eric Braeden
 [Range 6A Box 2]

Start Date1/4/1983
End Date5/27/1988
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reprint, meeting program
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleNRAO VLA Survey
Start Date1994
End Date1995
Notes1 folder. Sky & Telescope vol.89:no.1 1995; correspondence; newspaper clippings; charts; diagrams; reprints
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleStill No Sense in Signal [about Wow signal]
Start Date1/17/2001
Notes1 folder. Photocopy of BBC News Online article about the Wow signal by science editor David Whitehouse.
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleGalactic nucleus photos and records (also Cygnus region photo)
Notes1 folder. Undated. Photos; diagrams
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleK giant search
Notes1 folder. Undated; chart, notes
 [Range 6A Box 2]

Title"Ohio Radio Sources and Zwicky Compact Galaxies" by John W. Warner
Notes1 folder, undated.
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleSounds of the universe
Notes1 folder. Undated notes
 [Range 6A Box 2]

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