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[NRAO dedication, 1957]
NRAO dedication, 1957. NRAO/AUI image

[Dedication of the 85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope dedication, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Struve at groundbreaking for 300 foot telescope]
Struve at 300 foot ground breaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope]
300 foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[140 Foot telescope ground breaking]
140 foot telescope ground breaking, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[NRAO 140 Foot telescope]
NRAO 140 Foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Interferometer]
Green Bank Interferometer. NRAO/AUI image

[VLA dedication]
VLA dedication, 1980. NRAO/AUI image


[AIPS logo]
AIPS logo. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA Pie Town antenna]
VLBA Pie Town antenna. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope after 1988 collapse]
300 foot after collapse, 1988. NRAO/AUI image

[GBT ground breaking]
GBT ground breaking, 1991. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Telescope]
Green Bank Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Christening block at ALMA Camp ground breaking]
Alma Camp ground breaking. NRAO/AUI image


[4 NRAO Directors]
Lo, Vanden Bout, Roberts, Heeschen - 4 NRAO Directors at 50th anniversary. NRAO/AUI image


Records of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: Item listing

Director's Office Topical Correspondence Subunit

Title140-ft Model, New York World's Fair Exhibit 1964-1965
Start Date6/7/1962
End Date8/11/1970
Notes2 folders. Correspondence, drawings, blueprints, photos
 [Range 2B]

TitleAAVSO - American Association of Variable Star Observers
Start Date12/24/1986
End Date3/24/1997
 [Range 2B]

TitleAlgonquin Radio Observatory
Start Date5/2/1985
End Date7/17/1986
 [Range 2B]

TitleAmateur Radio Operators
Start Date3/30/1993
End Date12/1993
NotesIncludes Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers brochure & info
 [Range 2B]

TitleAmerican Institute of Physics
Start Date9/1987
End Date4/19/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleAmerican Institute of Physics, Center for the History of Physics
Start Date11/10/1975
End Date8/13/1999
Notes2 folders. Correspondence with Joan Warnow-Blewett, Project Director, AIP Study of Multi-Institutional Collaborations
 [Range 2B]

TitleAmerican-Leiden Friends of Astronomy
Start Date1/5/1989
End Date1/23/1989
 [Range 2B]

Start Date1989
End Date1996
NotesIncludes correspondence, copy of draft Bartol proposal for Antarctic research center (1988/89), CARA site visit reports (1993-1996)
 [Range 2B]

Start Date3/23/1970
End Date11/9/1971
NotesCorrespondence, memos
 [Range 2B]

TitleArecibo Advisory Board
Start Date1/31/1972
End Date11/19/1974
 [Range 2B]

TitleArecibo - Resurfacing
Start Date1970
End Date1971
 [Range 2B]

TitleArecibo - Technical
Start Date1960
End Date1969
 [Range 2B]

TitleArgentina (Radio astronomy)
Start Date9/1/1960
End Date8/1/1963
 [Range 2B]

TitleArizona, University of (Mount Graham International Observatory)
Start Date12/29/1986
End Date3/30/1994
NotesIncludes correspondence, brochure
 [Range 2B]

TitleAstronomical Society of the Pacific
Start Date3/16/1987
End Date6/22/1999
 [Range 2B]

TitleAURA (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc.)
Start Date8/15/1988
End Date5/12/1998
NotesIncludes correspondence, newspaper clippings
 [Range 2B]

TitleAURA Board Retreat
Start Date7/31/1987
 [Range 2B]

Start Date3/25/1986
End Date1/27/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleAustralia - Assessment of Application no. 912549
Start Date10/15/1990
End Date9/16/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleAustralia - CSIRO
Start Date10/12/1986
End Date6/13/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleAustralia - Parkes Initiatives
Start Date6/19/1989
End Date12/6/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleAustralia - Travel support proposal to NSF
Start Date1990
End Date1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleAustralia / US Cooperation
Start Date7/2/1990
End Date7/11/1990
 [Range 2B]

TitleBert Shapiro Productions
Start Date10/17/1977
End Date3/2/1979
 [Range 2B]

TitleBicentennial Celebration 1976
Start Date7/2/1973
End Date8/29/1973
 [Range 2B]

AuthorR.N. Bracewell
TitleProposal Leading to Future Large Telescopes
Start Date1961
NotesIncludes proposal to National Science Foundation (NSF), correspondence about proposal
 [Range 2B]

Start Date5/20/1987
End Date12/6/1993
 [Range 2B]

Start Date1/1966
End Date5/19/1969
NotesCorrespondence, notes, includes "Proposal for a Project in Radio Astronomy: The Construction of a Multi-Element Interferometer at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory"
 [Range 2B]

Start Date1/20/1984
End Date10/30/2006
 [Range 2B]

TitleChina Trip - Paul Vanden Bout
Start Date9/1986
 [Range 2B]

TitleChinese Delegation - May 14-20, 1994
Start Date2/21/1994
End Date5/18/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleChinese Visitors - March 1994
Start Date1/20/1994
End Date4/12/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleClaude Bare Memorial Fellowship
Start Date11/12/1968
End Date1/15/1969
 [Range 2B]

TitleCongress - Notes, etc. from meeting with Senators
Start Date6/1/1988
End Date3/4/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleCongress - 1994
Start Date1/24/1994
End Date11/30/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleCongressional Visitors
Start Date6/25/1986
End Date9/26/1986
 [Range 2B]

TitleCongressmen (miscellaneous correspondence)
Start Date1/11/1979
End Date1/25/2001
Notes2 folders
 [Range 2B]

TitleCooperation with Other Observatories
Start Date1/17/1990
End Date6/25/1990
 [Range 2B]

TitleEducation and Public Outreach
Start Date12/10/1993
End Date12/17/2001
 [Range 2B]

TitleElectronics Division - Equipment Loans and Transfers
Start Date10/8/1974
End Date3/14/2002
 [Range 2B]

TitleEnvironmental Survey 1992
Start Date3/13/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleEuropean Southern Observatory
Start Date2/1/1999
End Date11/18/2002
 [Range 2B]

TitleFacility Security
Start Date9/11/2001
End Date6/5/2002
 [Range 2B]

Start Date2004
 [Range 2B]

TitleGemini Project
Start Date12/12/1991
End Date3/29/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleGEST (Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center)
Start Date8/7/2000
 [Range 2B]

TitleGoddard Space Flight Center
Start Date8/23/1999
End Date11/18/2002
 [Range 2B]

TitleGood Sam Nursing Home Project, Socorro
Start Date8/18/1978
End Date3/4/1981
NotesIncludes correspondence, brochures, photos, pay order, receipt related to NRAO / AUI 1979 pledge
 [Range 2B]

TitleGround Based Astronomy Working Group
Start Date1/25/1989
End Date4/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleHawaii - Mauna Kea
Start Date2/25/1994
End Date9/25/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleHaystack Observatory
Start Date1970, 4/1985
End Date9/21/2001
 [Range 2B]

AuthorWilliam E. Howard
TitleChronological history of radio astronomy
Start Date6/1974
 [Range 2B]

AuthorWilliam E. Howard
TitleNotes for Lecture on History of Radio Astronomy at NRAO
Start Date6/16/1964
NotesHistory of radio astronomy lecture notes - possibly for a summer student lecture
 [Range 2B]

TitleIAU Meetings and Symposia
Start Date6/17/1996
End Date7/1/2004
 [Range 2B]

TitleIAU Spectrum Management
Start Date3/19/1997
End Date11/6/2000
 [Range 2B]

Start Date3/23/1987
End Date7/13/1993
 [Range 2B]

TitleIndia - Giant Meter-Wavelength Radio Telescope
Start Date12/22/1988
End Date1/17/1990
 [Range 2B]

TitleIndonesia - Giant Equatorial Radio Telescope
Start Date5/5/1988
End Date5/9/1988
 [Range 2B]

TitleInfrastructure - NRAO Rebuilding - A Plan for the First 5 Years
Start Date1/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleInfrastructure Requirements at the NRAO
Start Date5/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleThe Invisible Universe - film
Start Date8/1972
End Date8/8/1985
NotesIncludes June 1975 issue of American Cinematographer, with article about the film
 [Range 2B]

TitleIRAM - Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique
Start Date12/1/1982
End Date9/1987
 [Range 2B]

TitleItaly -- Instituto de Radioastronomia visit to NRAO
Start Date12/15/1992
End Date1/22/1993
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan - International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa - PTT Antenna
Start Date7/6/1987
End Date9/10/1987
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan - Miscellaneous
Start Date10/18/1984
End Date4/12/2002
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan - Nobeyama Review Committee Report - 1995
Start Date1995
NotesPaul Vanden Bout on committee
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan - Nobeyama Users
Start Date8/31/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan - Nobeyama Visiting Review Committee 1995
Start Date11/26/1984
End Date8/4/1986
NotesPaul Vanden Bout on committee
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan Trip - July 1986
Start Date11/16/1997
End Date3/3/1997
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapan Trip / IAU 1985
Start Date8/31/1989
NotesIncludes: Hints for Prospective Users of Nobeyama Radio Observatory by H. Liszt and E. Fomalont; Homology Design for the NRO 45-m Telescope by Makoto Inoue
 [Range 2B]

TitleJapanese Initiative
Start Date11/19/1985
End Date5/21/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleJet Propulsion Laboratory
Start Date10/18/1995
End Date2/7/2000
 [Range 2B]

TitleJPL - Voyager
Start Date2/28/1985
End Date4/27/1993
 [Range 2B]

TitleLarge Millimeter Telescope - University of Massachusetts Project
Start Date2/1993
End Date3/21/1996
Notes1 folder. Includes correspondence, University of Massachusetts proposal to NSF, and other materials
 [Range 2B]

TitleLawsuit - Soraya Pourian
Start Date4/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleLight Pollution
Start Date1969
End Date1971
 [Range 2B]

TitleLos Alamos
Start Date1985
End Date1989
 [Range 2B]

Start Date2003
 [Range 2B]

TitleMadrid Survey - Future Astrophysics Institute
Start Date1/9/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleMauna Kea Users' Committee Meeting - September 21-22, 1995
Start Date11/15/1993
End Date3/21/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie
Start Date5/16/1969
End Date6/29/1977
 [Range 2B]

TitleMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie
Start Date7/31/1996
End Date9/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie - Visiting Committee November 1990
Start Date1/8/1999
 [Range 2B]

TitleMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie Advisory Meeting - November 1988
Start Date11/7/1991
End Date6/12/1995
 [Range 2B]

TitleMax-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie Advisory Meeting and Report - 1992
Start Date5/1/1981
End Date2/24/1982
 [Range 2B]

Start Date1999
End Date2000
 [Range 2B]

TitleMGM / UA Entertainment Company
Start Date11/7/1983
End Date5/31/1984
NotesCorrespondence related to filming for feature film, "2010: Odyssey 2"
 [Range 2B]

TitleMiddleton, Matt - VLA Visitors Center Slide Show
Start Date1/9/1990
End Date1/17/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleModels and Displays
Start Date3/28/1988
End Date1/12/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleMotion Pictures: "The Lift" and "The Observatory"
Start Date11/14/1966
End Date4/14/1967
 [Range 2B]

TitleNAIC - Arecibo
Start Date3/7/1991
End Date2/8/1993
 [Range 2B]

TitleNAIC - NRAO Consortium Proposal for VLBI Equipment
Start Date11/6/1984
End Date6/11/1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleNASA Review - Astrophysics Programs
Start Date9/1/1994
End Date1996
 [Range 2B]

TitleNASA Space Science Support - May 1991
Start Date2/4/1997
 [Range 2B]

TitleNASA / JPL - Galileo
Start Date6/6/1990
End Date1/28/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleNASA-COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer Project)
Start Date5/7/1991
End Date5/31/1991
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Academy of Sciences -Miscellaneous
Start Date11/2/1981
End Date9/6/1995
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Academy of Sciences / National Research Council Board on Physics & Astronomy - 300 ft
Start Date12/29/1988
End Date4/27/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Optical Astronomy Observatories - NOAO
Start Date10/12/1984
End Date1/31/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Radio Astronomy Observatory Publicity
Start Date4/14/1961
End Date7/7/1977
NotesCorrespondence, news releases, newspaper clippings
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Board
Start Date1982
End Date1997
NotesCorrespondence, reports, presentations, charts
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Board meeting, February 9, 1989
Start Date2/9/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Foundation - NSF - Astronomy Subcommittee of the MPS Advisory Committee
Start Date1993
End Date1996
NotesCorrespondence, meeting materials, reports
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Foundation - NSF - Budget history
Start Date1982
End Date1990
NotesCorrespondence, journal clippings, charts
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Foundation - NSF - Large Facility Projects Management and Oversight Plan
Start Date2001
End Date2001
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Foundation - NSF - Task Group on Major Capital Equipment Construction
Start Date1994
NotesIncludes Big Science Policies and Procedures Statement unanimously adopted by the National Science Board, January 1979
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Science Foundation - NSF - Y2K compliance
Start Date1997
End Date1998
 [Range 2B]

TitleNational Youth Science Camp
Start Date1962
End Date1988
NotesCorrespondence, memos, brochures
 [Range 2B]

TitleNaval Observatory
Start Date5/23/1988
End Date12/5/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleNaval Research Lab
Start Date11/19/1992
End Date12/12/2000
 [Range 2B]

TitleNew Mexico Politics
Start Date10/21/1986
End Date3/6/1993
NotesIncludes newspaper clippings
 [Range 2B]

TitleNew Mexico Tech
Start Date9/7/1982
End Date2/28/1994
NotesIncludes newspaper clippings
 [Range 2B]

TitleNew Technology Fostered by Radio Astronomy
Start Date8/1986
End Date7/1990
NotesCompiled by the Staff of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Folder includes an early draft of the document called Technological Developments Fostered by Radio Astronomy (August 1986)
 [Range 2B]

TitleNew Technology / Technical Transfer NTTC
Start Date1993
NotesIncludes report on technology applications of laser rangefinder
 [Range 2B]

TitleNews Stories
Start Date4/30/1983
End Date2/1997
 [Range 2B]

TitleNFRA - Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy
Start Date3/1999
End Date12/20/1999
 [Range 2B]

Start Date1988
 [Range 2B]

Title"The Night Sky" - BBC Programme
Start Date5/1/1992
End Date5/22/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleNVO - NARA (National Virtual Observatory - National Archives and Records Administration)
Start Date5/4/2000
 [Range 2B]

Start Date1959
End Date1961
NotesCorrespondence, Zeeman-Ozma receiver diagram, reproduction of a 1960 Physics Today article by Struve with a section on Ozma, and a reprint of a 1961 Frank Drake article on Ozma in Physics Today
 [Range 2B]

TitleOne Observatory
Start Date2003
 [Range 2B]

TitlePocahontas County
Start Date1/1986
End Date2/1986
 [Range 2B]

Start Date2/2/1988
End Date3/19/1999
 [Range 2B]

TitlePoland - Warsaw Technical University (NRAO WTU Cooperation)
Start Date9/16/1980
End Date12/13/1988
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolar Research Committees
Start Date1994
NotesCommittee descriptions and member lists
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - General
Start Date1/12/1987
End Date2/20/2003
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - Green Bank
Start Date5/16/1979
End Date7/10/1995
NotesIncludes newspaper clippings
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - Senator John D. Rockefeller
Start Date3/13/1986
End Date6/3/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - Senator Pete V. Domenici
Start Date12/27/1994
End Date6/26/1995
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - Senator Robert Byrd
Start Date6/18/1987
End Date9/17/1993
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - Vern J. Ehlers
Start Date10/6/1986
End Date5/15/1996
NotesIncludes newspaper clippings
 [Range 2B]

TitlePolitics - West Virginia and SETI
Start Date10/5/1989
End Date5/21/1992
PDF FileView PDF
 [Range 2B]

Start Date4/13/1994
End Date1/1/1990
NotesAstronomy awards
 [Range 2B]

TitleQuest ++
Start Date1/27/2003
 [Range 2B]

TitleProject Gigi
Start Date5/25/1959
End Date6/10/1959
NotesProposal, reports, blueprints, correspondence
 [Range 2B]

Start Date9/21/1957
End Date9/4/1959
NotesCorrespondence, notes re: early NRAO pamphlet dated 10/17/1957 (The Green Book)
 [Range 2B]

TitlePublicity - General
Start Date4/14/1961
End Date7/7/1977
NotesPress releases, correspondence
 [Range 2B]

Start Date5/26/1962
End Date10/26/1962
NotesCorrespondence, notes, newspaper clipping re: NRAO Open Houses
 [Range 2B]

TitleRadio Astronomy: Contributing to American Competitiveness
Start Date10/2006
NotesCompiled by the Staff of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
 [Range 2B]

TitleReber Collection to Green Bank
Start Date5/4/1981
End Date11/11/1999
NotesIncludes correspondence, travel forms, pay orders; fir additional material, see the Papers of Grote Reber
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - Channel 37
Start Date6/2/1992
End Date11/12/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - CORF (RFI File)
Start Date12/23/1986
End Date4/13/1987
NotesCommittee on Radio Frequencies
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - Deming Balloon Radar
Start Date1986
End Date3/29/1988
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - DYCOMS
Start Date7/10/1989
End Date8/10/1989
NotesDynamic Coherent Measurement System
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - Ft. Davis Aerostat
Start Date4/25/1988
End Date4/13/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - IRAC
Start Date5/1986
End Date3/26/1987
NotesInterdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - NRAO
Start Date1/15/2002
End Date2/26/2002
 [Range 2B]

TitleResearch / Test Equipment - SOWRBALL Aerostat
Start Date4/21/1986
End Date7/12/1993
NotesIncludes notes, newspaper clippings. Southwest Radar Balloon
 [Range 2B]

Start Date12/6/1988
End Date2/18/1992
 [Range 2B]

TitleRussia - Halley-Soviet Transmitter
Start Date6/10/1983
End Date10/9/1985
 [Range 2B]

TitleSacramento Peak Observatory Ad Hoc Advisory Committee
Start Date12/31/1975
End Date7/1977
NotesCorrespondence, meeting minutes, reports
 [Range 2B]

TitleSalary Approval Levels (Director/AUI/Trustee)
Start Date11/26/1985
End Date3/13/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleSOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Start Date11/12/1986
End Date3/24/1997
 [Range 2B]

TitleSoviet-American Conference on Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI)
Start Date9/5/1971
End Date9/28/1971
NotesCorrespondence, list of participants, and resolutions from the September 1971 meeting in Byurakan
PDF FileView PDF
 [Range 2B]

TitleSpace Observatory Impact on Ground Based Astronomy
Start Date2/15/1980
End Date3/29/1983
NotesIncludes correspondence, notes
 [Range 2B]

TitleSpace Telescope Science Institute
Start Date4/30/1976
End Date12/18/1998
Notes3 folders. Correspondence
 [Range 2B]

Start Date4/16/1987
End Date3/3/1989
 [Range 2B]

TitleStamp, commemorative - VLA
Start Date1/28/1980
End Date7/24/2000
 [Range 2B]

TitleSubmillimeter Array Advisory Committee
Start Date7/26/1994
End Date11/25/2003
 [Range 2B]

TitleSWAG (Software Advisory Group) Final Report
Start Date8/1/1990
End Date8/3/1990
 [Range 2B]

TitleSymposia, Internal
Start Date12/1/1989
End Date5/5/1997
NotesMemos, notes, schedules
 [Range 2B]

TitleURSI Working Group on Millimetre/Submillimetre Array
Start Date7/22/1994
End Date10/14/1994
 [Range 2B]

TitleVirginia Tax Matters
Start Date8/26/1977
End Date3/23/1981
 [Range 2B]

Start Date7/11/1991
End Date8/12/1991
NotesWorld Administrative Radio Conference (The WARC bands are three portions of the shortwave radio spectrum used by licensed amateur radio operators)
 [Range 2B]

TitleWhitford Committee
Start Date1964
Notes1 folder. In late 1962 the National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Science and Public Policy, established the Panel on Astronomical Facilities, chaired by Albert E. Whitford. The Panel was charged with studying the needs for major new ground-based astronomical facilities in the United States over the next five to ten years, and with recommending principles and costs to guide the use of federal funds to promote advancement in U.S. The Panel first met in January 1963 and their formal report, Ground-Based Astronomy: A Ten-Year Program, was published in autumn 1964.
 [Range 2B]

TitleWorkers Compensation Administration - New Mexico
Start Date3/19/1992
End Date5/13/1992
NotesCorrespondence regarding high cost of Workers Compensation Insurance coverage for NRAO employees in New Mexico
 [Range 2B]

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