[NRAO logo]
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[NRAO dedication, 1957]
NRAO dedication, 1957. NRAO/AUI image

[Dedication of the 85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope dedication, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Struve at groundbreaking for 300 foot telescope]
Struve at 300 foot ground breaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope]
300 foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[140 Foot telescope ground breaking]
140 foot telescope ground breaking, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[NRAO 140 Foot telescope]
NRAO 140 Foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Interferometer]
Green Bank Interferometer. NRAO/AUI image

[VLA dedication]
VLA dedication, 1980. NRAO/AUI image


[AIPS logo]
AIPS logo. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA Pie Town antenna]
VLBA Pie Town antenna. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope after 1988 collapse]
300 foot after collapse, 1988. NRAO/AUI image

[GBT ground breaking]
GBT ground breaking, 1991. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Telescope]
Green Bank Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Christening block at ALMA Camp ground breaking]
Alma Camp ground breaking. NRAO/AUI image


[4 NRAO Directors]
Lo, Vanden Bout, Roberts, Heeschen - 4 NRAO Directors at 50th anniversary. NRAO/AUI image


Records of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: Item listing

New Mexico Operations: Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) / Jansky Very Large Array (JVLA)

TitleThe VLA Development Plan : Proceedings of a Science Workshop held in Socorro, NM, 13-15 January 1995 - Returning the Instrument to the State of the Art, edited by T.S. Bastian and A.H. Bridle
Start Date1/13/1995
End Date1/15/1995
 [Range 3A]

TitleK-band Upgrade 18-26.5 GHz Project Review
Start Date7/20/1998
 [Range 3A]

TitleRadio Astronomical Interferometry - Mexico CONACyT - NRAO agreement
Start Date4/4/2000
NotesLetter to Paul Vanden Bout signed by Jaime Martuscelli
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLA Expansion Project, Phase I: The Ultrasensitive Array, Proposal to NSF
Start Date5/2000
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA budget information
Start Date2001
End Date2007
Notes1 folder. Includes 2001, 2002, and 2007 information
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLA Expansion Project - Construction Project Books
Start Date2001
End Date6/24/1905
Notes1 folder.
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLA Expansion Project : Response to NSF request for additional information
Start Date2/2001
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA management meetings - minutes
Start Date6/21/2001
End Date2/21/2002
Notes1 folder
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Planning Workshop : Defining the Second Phase
Start Date8/23/2001
End Date8/25/2001
 [Range 3A]

TitleMemorandum of Understanding between the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory to establish a North American Program on Radio Astronomy
Start Date9/2001
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLA Expansion Project : Management Plan, version 1.0
Start Date9/2001
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Coordination meetings
Start Date10/29/2001
End Date8/30/2004
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Correlator - Conceptual Design Review
Start Date11/2/2001
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Systems Preliminary Design Review
Start Date12/4/2001
End Date12/5/2001
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA LO/IF Preliminary Design Review
Start Date1/22/2002
End Date1/23/2002
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Feed and Front End Preliminary Design Review
Start Date2/12/2002
End Date2/13/2002
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Monitor and Control Hardware Preliminary Design Review
Start Date3/13/2002
 [Range 3A]

TitleTripartite Framework Agreement for the Provision of a Correlator for the Expanded Very Large Array Project: University of Calgary, National Research Council of Canada, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Start Date5/3/2002
Notes1 folder
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Advisory Committee Report for 10-11 June 2002 Meeting
Start Date8/6/2002
Notes1 folder
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Data Processing Preliminary Design Review
Start Date7/18/2002
End Date7/19/2002
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Budget Outlook
Start Date2/19/2003
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Progress Report
Start Date7/2003
 [Range 3A]

TitleAdvisory Committee Meeting
Start Date9/2003
 [Range 3A]

TitleRevised EVLA Phase II Proposal Cost Estimate
Start Date1/30/2004
 [Range 3A]

TitleExpanded Very Large Array : Resolving Cosmic Evolution : The Proposal for Phase II : Completing the EVLA
Start Date4/15/2004
 [Range 3A]

TitleReport to AUI re: EVLA
Start Date5/26/2004
 [Range 3A]

TitleNRAO Sole Source Justification (Mexico / CONACyT)
Start Date8/1/2004
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Progress Report
Start Date8/2004
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Advisory Committee meeting
Start Date12/14/2004
End Date12/15/2004
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials and presentations
 [Range 3A]

TitleNSF EVLA Mid-Project Review
Start Date5/10/2006
Notes1 folder. Meeting agenda and handouts
 [Range 3A]

TitleScientific Advisory Group for EVLA
Start Date5/22/2007
End Date5/23/2007
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials and presentations
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVLA Advisory Panel
Start Date9/6/2007
End Date9/7/2007
Notes1 folder. Meeting materials and presentations
 [Range 3A]

TitleJansky VLA dedicaton
Start Date3/31/2012
Notes1 folder. JVLA dedication materials
 [Range 3A]

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