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[NRAO dedication, 1957]
NRAO dedication, 1957. NRAO/AUI image

[Dedication of the 85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope dedication, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Struve at groundbreaking for 300 foot telescope]
Struve at 300 foot ground breaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope]
300 foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[140 Foot telescope ground breaking]
140 foot telescope ground breaking, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[NRAO 140 Foot telescope]
NRAO 140 Foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Interferometer]
Green Bank Interferometer. NRAO/AUI image

[VLA dedication]
VLA dedication, 1980. NRAO/AUI image


[AIPS logo]
AIPS logo. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA Pie Town antenna]
VLBA Pie Town antenna. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope after 1988 collapse]
300 foot after collapse, 1988. NRAO/AUI image

[GBT ground breaking]
GBT ground breaking, 1991. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Telescope]
Green Bank Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Christening block at ALMA Camp ground breaking]
Alma Camp ground breaking. NRAO/AUI image


[4 NRAO Directors]
Lo, Vanden Bout, Roberts, Heeschen - 4 NRAO Directors at 50th anniversary. NRAO/AUI image


Records of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: Item listing

Green Bank Operations: GBT Planning and Design Subunit

TitlePaul Vanden Bout Correspondence
Start Date7/21/1987
End Date4/18/1989
 [Range 3A]

TitleNew, Large Steerable Radio Telescope
Start Date7/21/1987
End Date7/4/1989
NotesIncludes correspondence, notes, reports, memos, NLSRT Memos
 [Range 3A]

TitleLaura P. Bautz Correspondence
Start Date1/17/1989
End Date1/19/1989
NotesCorrespondence; letter of 1/17/1989 erroneously dated 1/17/1988
 [Range 3A]

TitleGeorge A. Seielstad Correspondence
Start Date11/16/1988
End Date7/7/1989
 [Range 3A]

TitleDesign Memos
Start Date11/23/1988
End Date11/8/1990
NotesIncludes memos, notes, correspondence, reports
 [Range 3A]

TitleEric Bloch Correspondence
Start Date11/28/1988
End Date2/24/1989
NotesIncludes correspondence, reports, "Scientific Considerations for the Design of a Replacement for the 300 ft Radio Telescope" NRAO Dec. 1988 DRAFT Proceedings of a Green Bank Wksp 12/2-3/1988
 [Range 3A]

TitleGreen Bank Workshop - December 2-3, 1988
Start Date11/28/1988
End Date1/1989
Notes2 folders. Folder 1: "Complete set of papers post 300' collapse Large Single Dish Wksp 2/3/Dec 88." Folder 2: Agenda, correspondence, notes, reports, "Scientific Considerations for the Design of a Replacement for the 300-ft Radio Telescope" ed. Brown and Schwab
 [Range 3A]

TitleNRAO internal document: Proceedings of a Green Bank Workshop - December 2-3, 1988
Start Date12//1988
NotesNote on title page: "Warning: People who contributed to this document have not had an opportunity to review or correct their contributions. These Proceedings should be considered working documents only, hopefully providing a framework for further discussions."
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT Politics
Start Date11/30/1988
End Date2/17/2001
NotesIncludes correspondence, newspaper clippings
 [Range 3A]

TitleRadiation Systems, Inc. (RSI) Politics
Start Date11/30/1988
End Date11/21/1991
NotesIncludes correspondence, newspaper clipping
 [Range 3A]

TitleA Collection of Memos, Notes, and Comments on A New Large Steerable Radio Telescope (NLSRT)
Start Date12/8/1988
Notes1 folder. Documents gatherd by Kenneth I. Kellermann and George A. Seielstad
 [Range 3A]

TitleJPL Correspondence
Start Date12/12/1988
End Date8/21/1990
NotesCorrespondence - GBT Support Letters
 [Range 3A]

TitleSenator Robert C. Byrd Correspondence
Start Date1/6/1989
End Date10/1/1997
NotesIncludes correspondence, newspaper clippings
 [Range 3A]

TitleSenator John D. Rockefeller IV Correspondence
Start Date1/6/1989
End Date6/26/1989
 [Range 3A]

TitleReplacement/Funding Articles
Start Date1/11/1989
End Date7/1993
NotesNewspaper clippings
 [Range 3A]

TitleGreen Bank Observatory Proposals - Reports from Congressional Research Services, Science Policy Research Division
Start Date2/17/1989
End Date3/14/1989
NotesReports evaluating GBT and LIGO proposals sent to the offices of Senators Byrd and Rockefeller
 [Range 3A]

TitleSenator Barbara Mikulski Correspondence
Start Date4/20/1989
End Date4/25/1989
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT Active Optics
Start Date8/14/1989
End Date12/11/1991
 [Range 3A]

TitleGreen Bank Telescope Design Workshop, 25-26 September 1989
Start Date7/28/1989
End Date9/26/1989
NotesAgenda, list of attendees, announcements of meeting, correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT antenna procurement chronology
Start Date10/1989
NotesInternal email and memos on proposed chronology, including details of VLA and VLBA antenna procurement chronology
 [Range 3A]

TitleRequest for Advanced Computing Resources
Start Date11/14/1989
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT History
Start Date2/17/1989
End Date12/19/1990
NotesIncludes press releases, memos, reports, journal cut
 [Range 3A]

TitlePresentation for Replacement of the 300 Foot Radio Telescope at Green Bank, WV - Radiation Systems, Inc.
Start Date1989
NotesEstimated date
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT Science Committee
Start Date10/5/1991
End Date9/14/1992
NotesMemos, reports, diagrams
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT Control Room
Start Date12/13/1991
End Date9/29/1997
NotesIncludes memos, correspondence, blueprint
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT Monitor and Control Design
Start Date9/16/1992
End Date6/3/1997
NotesIncludes report, correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT IF System
Start Date1/27/1994
 [Range 3A]

TitleWeather Station for GBT
Start Date2/7/1994
 [Range 3A]

TitleCOMSAT RSI GBT Revised Master Program Schedule
Start Date10/10/1994
End Date12/7/1994
NotesIncludes memo, correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleSebastian von Hoerner Correspondence
Start Date6/1995
Notes1 folder
 [Range 3A]

TitleGBT Comprehensive Management Plan for Commissioning, Operations, and Long-Range Development. Draft
Start Date4/26/2000
 [Range 3A]

TitleSize comparison of the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) with Washington Monument and Statue of Liberty
NotesUndated. Photo and moving pictograph illustrating size comparisons and antenna tipping
 [Range 3A]

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