[NRAO logo]
NRAO logo  

[NRAO dedication, 1957]
NRAO dedication, 1957. NRAO/AUI image

[Dedication of the 85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope dedication, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[85 foot Tatel telescope]
85 foot Tatel Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Struve at groundbreaking for 300 foot telescope]
Struve at 300 foot ground breaking, 1961. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope]
300 foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[140 Foot telescope ground breaking]
140 foot telescope ground breaking, 1958. NRAO/AUI image

[NRAO 140 Foot telescope]
NRAO 140 Foot telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Interferometer]
Green Bank Interferometer. NRAO/AUI image

[VLA dedication]
VLA dedication, 1980. NRAO/AUI image


[AIPS logo]
AIPS logo. NRAO/AUI image

[VLBA Pie Town antenna]
VLBA Pie Town antenna. NRAO/AUI image

[300 foot telescope after 1988 collapse]
300 foot after collapse, 1988. NRAO/AUI image

[GBT ground breaking]
GBT ground breaking, 1991. NRAO/AUI image

[Green Bank Telescope]
Green Bank Telescope. NRAO/AUI image

[Christening block at ALMA Camp ground breaking]
Alma Camp ground breaking. NRAO/AUI image


[4 NRAO Directors]
Lo, Vanden Bout, Roberts, Heeschen - 4 NRAO Directors at 50th anniversary. NRAO/AUI image


Records of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: Folder listing

Very Long Baseline Interferometry Series

TitleGeneral Correspondence
Start Date1/28/1966
End Date6/8/1977
Notes2 folders. Correspondence, memos, telegrams, press releases, charts, meeting minutes, reports, notes
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLB Experiments
Start Date10/6/1967
End Date7/22/1970
Notes1 folder. Memos, correspondence, reports
 [Range 3A]

TitleRussian Experiments
Start Date9/9/1968
End Date4/2/1973
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, telegrams, memos, meeting minutes, notes, reports
 [Range 3A]

TitleMark II VLB Processing
Start Date1970
End Date1980
Notes1 folder. Most material dated 1976-1977
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLB Users Memos
Start Date1971
End Date1974
NotesNos. 1-7
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLB Processor
Start Date3/19/1973
End Date11/15/1976
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleMark III Processor
Start Date11/4/1974
End Date11/6/1987
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, status report, proposal
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Network Users Group
Start Date11/14/1975
End Date9/17/1984
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Network Meeting Minutes
Start Date1976
End Date1978
Notes1 folder
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Newsletter
Start Date1976
End Date1980
Notes1 folder
 [Range 3A]

TitleProgram Summary of the U.S. VLBI Network, 1976-1981
Start Date1976
End Date1981
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Mark II Monthly Meetings
Start Date1976
End Date1982
Notes1 folder. Meeting notes, primarily by Hein Hvatum, memos
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI - General
Start Date1977
End Date1981
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, reports, proposals
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Network Users Group (NUG) Newsletters
Start Date1977
End Date1984
Notes1 folder. Newsletter irregular; collection may not be complete
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Network Studies III - An Intercontinental Very Long Baseline Array - NRAO
Start Date5/1977
NotesNB: Digital file of document is 7.7Mb
PDF FileView PDF
 [Range 3A]

TitleNEROC Proposal for Mark III VLBI Center
Start Date12/28/1977
 [Range 3A]

Title4 Station VLB Array
Start Date1978
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, meeting notes, cost estimates on moving one 85 foot antenna to Australia
 [Range 3A]

TitleUse of VLA for VLB Observing
Start Date3/8/1978
End Date9/17/1984
Notes1 folder. Memos, correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Consortium Establishment
Start Date1979
End Date1983
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, MOU
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Consortium - August 1981
Start Date11/5/1979
End Date9/2/1983
Notes1 folder. Memos, notes, correspondence, proposals
 [Range 3A]

Start Date11/16/1983
End Date2/1/1984
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, proposal
 [Range 3A]

AuthorPeter J. Napier
TitleA Policy for VLBI Observing at the VLA
Start Date8/6/1980
End Date8/30/1984
NotesWith memos, correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Network Users Group
Start Date4/23/1985
End Date5/2/1991
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, notes
 [Range 3A]

TitleEVN Meetings
Start Date6/11/1985
End Date1/6/1995
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, meeting agendas, meeting minutes
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Consortium - April 18, 1986
Start Date4/14/1986
End Date7/6/1987
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, notes, meeting minutes
 [Range 3A]

TitleGeneral File
Start Date1/12/1988
End Date5/16/2003
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, proposals, agreements
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Consortium
Start Date1/13/1988
End Date6/10/1990
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, reports
 [Range 3A]

TitleConsortium Transition Plan
Start Date7/21/1988
End Date12/22/1988
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, reports, faxes
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Coordination Meeting 4/25/1989
Start Date3/8/1989
End Date4/12/1989
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, meeting agenda
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI Consortium Meeting July 1989
Start Date6/14/1989
End Date7/10/1989
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, memos, reports, notes, photo
 [Range 3A]

TitleVLBI - Max-Planck-Institute fur Radioastronomie
Start Date11/5/1991
End Date12/20/1996
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, memorandum of agreement
 [Range 3A]

TitleHaystack Observatory - Astronomical Research and Support of MM-Wavelength VLBI
Start Date5/31/1994
End Date3/24/1997
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, proposals
 [Range 3A]

TitleCoordinated Millimeter VLBI Array Initiative
Start Date2/14/1996
End Date12/30/1997
Notes1 folder. Correspondence
 [Range 3A]

TitleUltra High Sensitivity VLBI
Start Date8/28/2003
 [Range 3A]

TitleEuropean VLBI Network - EVN
Start Date4/30/1996
End Date9/2000
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, notes, meeting agendas, reports, viewgraph copies
 [Range 3A]

TitleMemorandum of Understanding Concerning VLBI Observations at 3 mm Wavelength
Start Date9/4/2003
 [Range 3A]

TitleMapping the Future of VLBI Science in the US
Start Date2/12/2004
 [Range 3A]

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