[Reber in 1988]
Reber in 1988. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1912]
Reber in 1912. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in front of U Tasmania telescope, 1986]
Reber in front of U Tasmania telescope, 1986. (Image courtesy "The Mercury", Hobart, Tasmania)

[Reber's antenna in Wheaton, IL]
Reber's antenna in Wheaton IL. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber chart recordings 1943]
Reber chart recordings, 1943. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1970]
Reber in 1970. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at telescope in Green Bank, 1960]
Reber at telescope in Green Bank, 1960. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber Telescope in Green Bank, 1984]
Reber Telescope in Green Bank, 1984. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber during Attu, Alaska, solar eclipse expedition, 1950]
Reber during Attu, Alaska, solar eclipse expedition, 1950. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at telescope crank in Green Bank, 1988]
Reber at the Reber telscope crank in Green Bank, 1988. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at receiver]
Reber at his receiver. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at the reconstructed Jansky antenna, 1995]
Reber at the reconstructed Jansky antenna, 1995. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania]
Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania, 2003. (Image courtesy of Dave McConnell)

[Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania]
Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania, 2003. (Image courtesy of Dave McConnell)

[Reber and Arthur C. Clarke, 1969]
Reber and Arthur C. Clarke, 1969. (Image courtesy of John Kraus estate)

[Reber's telescope in Maui, Hawaii, 1952]
Reber's telescope in Maui, Hawaii, 1952. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1937]
Reber in 1937. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1988 at OSU]
Reber lectures at Ohio State Univ., Feb. 1988. (Photo by John Kraus, courtesy of John Kraus estate.)

[Reber receiving 1931 ham radio award]
Reber (far right) receiving ham radio award, December 1931. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber unpacking equipment in Green Bank, 1995]
Reber unpacking equipment in Green Bank, 1995. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber with Big Ear at OSU, 1962]
Reber at "Big Ear," Ohio State's radio telescope, 1962. (Image courtesy of Kraus estate)

[Reber's 144m wavelength array in Tasmania]
Reber's 144m wavelength array in Tasmania. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

[Reber pulling wire]
Reber pulling wire in Tasmania. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

[Reber in his electric car]
Reber in his electric car, Pixie. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

Index to the Papers of Grote Reber: General Notes and Papers, 1920-1966

Notes & Papers Series: This series contains Reberís own notes, drawings, photographs, diagrams, observational data, and calculations, as well as meeting programs, reprints and newspaper clippings, amateur radio materials, and other miscellaneous retained materials. Design and construction notes, drawings, and related correspondence for the Wheaton antenna, as well as its reconstruction in Sterling VA and Green Bank WV, are included in this series. Reberís own publications, along with drafts thereof, are part of the Publications series. However, materials related to his presentations at meetings for which there were no published proceedings, including the December 1953 AAAS Section D Symposium on Radio Astronomy and the January 1954 Radio Astronomy Conference held at Carnegie Institution in Washington DC, are filed in this series. Correspondence related to some significant groupings of material has been kept with the material. For example, the several letters relating to the 1947 move of Reberís equipment from Wheaton to Sterling VA have been filed with the notes, papers, and contracts related to that move. This series includes all materials and correspondence related to Reberís receipt of the Franklin Instituteís Elliott Cresson Medal in 1963; the medal is on public display at the Du Page County Illinois Historical Museum.

As processing and indexing of the collection continues, materials may be added to this series, or may be moved out of this series to form a separate series.

Use the "find in page" feature of your browser to search for words or phrases in the index listing.

Author Title Date1 Date2 Subject Notes
Grote Reber Bibliographic notes:Reber's notes on books and journals articles covering a wide variety of engineering and astronomical topics 1920 1966 Handwritten notes; dates are of cited references
Karl G. Jansky Directional Studies of Atmospherics at High Frequencies 1932 Photocopy of Bell Telephone System Monograph B-708, reprinted from Proc. IRE 20: 1920-1932, 1932
Armour Institute of Technology transcript for Grote Reber, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, June 9, 1933
Grote Reber Design and construction of Wheaton antenna:notes, calculations, diagrams, drawings, templates, blueprints, and correspondence, including some items from reconstruction at Sterling VA and Green Bank WV 1936 1960
Grote Reber Long wave radiation of extraterrestrial origin 1938 Paper for Keenan course in Astrophysics at U Chicago
Grote Reber Telescope data 1938 June 4 1938 November 4 Reber telescope data Handwritten notes and plots
Grote Reber Notes, calculations, and diagrams 1941 October 14 1946 November 2 Handwritten
Grote Reber Record of stock dividends, 1946-1957 1946 January 6 1957 December 31 Handwritten
Institute of Radio Engineers Announcement of speech by Karl G. Jansky:Microwave Repeater Research, January 12, 1947 Postcard; penciled note attached: "Jansky will arrive on 12th in afternoon"
H.A. Thomas, R.E. Burgess Survey of Existing Information and Data on Radio Noise over the Frequency Range 1-30 Mc/s 1947 Published in:Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research, Radio Research ReportReports, Special Report No. 15.London, 1947
Shipment of cosmic noise measuring equipment from Wheaton Illinois to National Bureau of Standards in DC:correspondence, contracts, notes, and related papers 1947 March 15 1947 August 12
Grote Reber Visit of Dr. Pawsey 1947 December 11 Pawsey's visit to NBS Typed summary of visit and discussions, with handwritten notes on work of individual researchers in Australia
Grote Reber Visit to Ithaca, New York 1947 December 18 Reber's visit to Electrical Engineering School at Cornell Penciled annotation:"recd $15.75 expense check 1-19-48"
Grote Reber Astronomers Get Milkyway Signal 1948 January 1 Note on NY Times report on talk by Seeger at 12/31/1947 AAS meeting Handwritten
Grote Reber Memorandum on Cosmic Static 1948 July 1 Reber's current ideas Annotated carbon copy, with pencil drawings and abstract of relevant paper from 1948 URSI meeting (2 abstract copies with differing pencil notes)
Grote Reber Saw Gordon of Cornell at URSI 1948 October 8 Brief notes on current work at Cornell Handwritten
Grote Reber Wallman Circuit Using Lighthouse Tubes 1948 October 14 Pencil diagram with notes
Grote Reber Memorandum on Galactic Radiation 1948 November 12 Proposed antenna array for Sterling VA Carbon copy with pencil diagrams
Grote Reber Variable Radiation 1948 December 22 Listing of factors in favor of and against variability of source like sun Handwritten
Grote Reber Tuning element diagram labeled "Make one of brass" 1950 June 5 Pencil diagram with notes
Program of the 83rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society 1950 June 18 1950 June 21 Penciled annotation:"See paper # 51" [Kiepenheuer]
K.O. Kiepenheuer Cosmic Rays as the Source of General Galactic Radiation 1950 July Carbon copy draft of Physical Review paper with annotations by Kiepenheuer.Filed with photocopy of final version, Phys Rev 79: 738, 1950
Grote Reber Quiet Sun; Disturbed Sun 1950 July 9 Handwritten sheet of notes on quiet and disturbed sun
Grote Reber Income tax returns, 1950-1952, 1954-1956 1950 1956 Carbon copies of federal tax returns
Program of the 85rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society 1951 June 20 1951 June 23
Grote Reber Notes, calculations, and discussions on low frequency observations 1952 June 9 1954 December 16 Handwritten
Programs from National Academy of Sciences 90th Annual meeting 1953 April 27 1953 April 29
Abstracts, papers, and other materials related to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Section D, Symposium on Radio Astronomy 1953 December 26 1953 December 27 Includes several slightly variant copies of Reber's paper
Radio Astronomy Conference, Carnegie Institution of Washington 1954 January 4 1954 January 6 Announcement with schedule, carbon copy of Reber's paper, negatives of 3 figures
Grote Reber Large Mirror Design 1955 March 11 Antenna design Carbon copy, with handwritten notes and diagrams
Grote Reber Notes on Gordon Stagner's observations of noise in Manila, 1928 or 1929 1958? Miscellaneous notes indicating Reber may have been trying to verify the stories about Stagner's observations; filed by Archivist with Reber notes: photocopy of page 11 from John Pfeiffer's The Changing Universe (Random, 1956) containing paragraph about Stagner
Grote Reber Notes and calculations on surface and area of dish, based on calculations of 29 Dec 1936 1959 March 17 Handwritten notes
Grote Reber Carriage and mirror details [Reber telescope] 1959 June 2 1960 August 29 Reber telescope Reber's drawings made for reconstruction of his telescope at NRAO in Green Bank WV.34 pencil drawings, 18"x23.75", plus photocopies of drawings 2-4
National Radio Astronomy Observatory Program for Associated Universities Inc Trustees meeting, listing guests and dinner menu 1959 October 14 Photo of Tatel telescope on front of program
Grote Reber Calculations, notes, and figures for analysis of low frequency receiver 1960 July 4 1961 September 2 Low frequency receiver Handwritten
Grote Reber Notes from International Radio Tube Encyclopedia, 3rd ed., 1958-59 1960 February 19 Handwritten notes
Grote Reber History of Negative Feedback 1960 November 5 Handwritten notes, calculations, and diagrams
C.A. Shain The Sydney 19.7-MC Radio Telescope [reprint from Proc. IRE 46: 85-88, 1958]
Grote Reber Notes and diagrams related to Shain's array 1960 December Handwritten
Grote Reber Old radio equipment:notes, discussions 1960 December 4 1962 November 30 Handwritten
RCA power tube UV206:notes, correspondence, diagrams 1961 January 4 1965 May 7
American Astronomical Society Meeting 1962 August 26 1962 August 29 Programs for meeting
Grote Reber Russell Lecture:Hectometer Cosmic Static 1962 August 29 Carbon copy of lecture with penciled annotations
Elliott Cresson Medal of the Franklin Institute, 1963:correspondence, press release, programs, congratulatory notes, Franklin Institute publications 1962 October 17 1964
Bell Labs Record Full Sized Replica of Jansky Antenna Completed 1963 October Reconstruction of Jansky antenna in Green Bank Copy of article from Bell Labs Record; sent to Reber by Southworth
Bell Labs News Radio Observatory to Receive Model of Jansky Antenna 1963 October 15 Reconstruction of Jansky antenna in Green Bank Issue of Bell Labs News, v. III, no. 20, October 15, 1963
Committee on Government Operations Conflicts between the Federal Research Programs and the Nation's Goals for Higher Education:Eighteenth Report by the Committee on Government Operations, 89th Congress, 1st Session 1965 October 13 Union Calendar No. 492, House Report No. 1158.See correspondence in 1966 on science policy and funding.
W.O. Baker Remarks of Vice President W.O. Baker on presenting the Jansky antenna replica to Associated Universities at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, on March 17, 1966; reply by T. Keith Glennan 1966 March 17 Jansky antenna replica Photocopy
Grote Reber Ware Music Master 1966 June 27 Descriptive information and notes Carbon copy
A.C. Beck The Jansky Antenna Replica at Green Bank W. Va:memorandum for file 1966 October 3 Jansky antenna replica Photocopy; copy of fig. 8 (Jansky with antenna) filed with copy
Annual meeting, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division, Norman OK, May 21-25, 1995 1995 April 19 1995 May 25 Correspondence, conference information, program, typescript of Reber's talk

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