[Reber in 1988]
Reber in 1988. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1912]
Reber in 1912. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in front of U Tasmania telescope, 1986]
Reber in front of U Tasmania telescope, 1986. (Image courtesy "The Mercury", Hobart, Tasmania)

[Reber's antenna in Wheaton, IL]
Reber's antenna in Wheaton IL. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber chart recordings 1943]
Reber chart recordings, 1943. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1970]
Reber in 1970. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at telescope in Green Bank, 1960]
Reber at telescope in Green Bank, 1960. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber Telescope in Green Bank, 1984]
Reber Telescope in Green Bank, 1984. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber during Attu, Alaska, solar eclipse expedition, 1950]
Reber during Attu, Alaska, solar eclipse expedition, 1950. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at telescope crank in Green Bank, 1988]
Reber at the Reber telscope crank in Green Bank, 1988. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at receiver]
Reber at his receiver. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at the reconstructed Jansky antenna, 1995]
Reber at the reconstructed Jansky antenna, 1995. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania]
Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania, 2003. (Image courtesy of Dave McConnell)

[Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania]
Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania, 2003. (Image courtesy of Dave McConnell)

[Reber and Arthur C. Clarke, 1969]
Reber and Arthur C. Clarke, 1969. (Image courtesy of John Kraus estate)

[Reber's telescope in Maui, Hawaii, 1952]
Reber's telescope in Maui, Hawaii, 1952. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1937]
Reber in 1937. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1988 at OSU]
Reber lectures at Ohio State Univ., Feb. 1988. (Photo by John Kraus, courtesy of John Kraus estate.)

[Reber receiving 1931 ham radio award]
Reber (far right) receiving ham radio award, December 1931. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber unpacking equipment in Green Bank, 1995]
Reber unpacking equipment in Green Bank, 1995. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber with Big Ear at OSU, 1962]
Reber at "Big Ear," Ohio State's radio telescope, 1962. (Image courtesy of Kraus estate)

[Reber's 144m wavelength array in Tasmania]
Reber's 144m wavelength array in Tasmania. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

[Reber pulling wire]
Reber pulling wire in Tasmania. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

[Reber in his electric car]
Reber in his electric car, Pixie. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)


Papers of Grote Reber: Item listing

Additional Materials about Reber

SubjectGrote Reber
TitleAudio visual materials
Start Date8/16/1979
End Date2006
Notes1 folder. CD of photos, video and DVD of Australian TV episode, video and DVD of memorial service
 [Range 6B]

SubjectGrote Reber
TitleAnecdotes about Reber
Start Date1976 March
End Date12/2/1005
Notes1 folder. "Reminiscing with (and about) Grote Reber" by Bill Meredith NRAO Observer vol.17, no.1: 20, 1976; "Grote Reber on TV" NRAO Observer vol.18, no 3: 6, 1977; Email about Reber from Richard to Ken Kellermann 12/2/2005; Grote Reber Song by H. Paul Shuch 1995
 [Range 8A]

SubjectGrote Reber
TitleBiographical information
Start Date1979
End Date1992
Notes1 folder. Proc. IRE vol. 28:98, 1940 bio; Birth certificate verification 1941; Proc. IRE vol. 30:398, 1942 bio; Proc. IRE vol. 36:1260, 1948 bio; Encyclopedia Britannica vol. 8: 450, 1979; Encyclopedia Britannica vol.?: 976, 1990; Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc. 1992; Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers n.d. See also the dvd of a 1987 talk by John D. Kraus called "Grote Reber: Founder of Radio Astronomy," with the Papers of John D. Kraus.
 [Range 8A]

SubjectGrote Reber
TitleMiscellaneous articles about Reber
Notes1 folder
 [Range 8A]

TitleBothwell visitors' brochures
Start Date2008
Notes1 folder. 3 brochures; 1 specifically about Reber
 [Range 8A]

SubjectGrote Reber
TitleDeath of Reber
Start Date12/20/2002
Notes1 folder. Obituaries, cremation certificate, letter that accompanied copy of will
 [Range 8A]

SubjectGrote Reber exhibit
TitleDuPage Heritage Gallery, Wheaton, IL
Start Date10/19/1985
End Date1998
Notes1 folder. Includes photos, brochures, printout of DuPage Heritage Gallery Inductees
 [Range 8A]

SubjectReber family
TitleFamily Papers
Start Date1848
End Date7/4/1855
Notes1 folder. Originals and copies of birth and parish register of births and baptisms; deed
 [Range 1]

SubjectReber Medal
TitleGrote Reber Medal
Start Date2005
End Date2009
Notes1 folder. Announcements of award of the Grote Reber Medal; photos, audio from award ceremonies
 [Range 8A]

TitleGrote Reber Museum, Tasmania
Start Date1/13/2008
End Date1/21/2008
Notes1 folder. Includes newspaper clippings, media release, invitation to opening
 [Range 8A]

TitleGrote Reber's House in Tasmania - Inventory List
Start Date4/5/2003
Notes1 folder. Accompanying CD with photos taken during inventory
 [Range 8A]

SubjectCSIRO radio physicists
Title "ABC Stages VELA X - the Super Nova 'Detective Story" no author
Start Date1981
NotesCoResearch 236: 8, 1980; Journal cut
 [Range 8A]

SubjectGrote Reber
Title"The First 50 Years of Radio Astronomy, Part 2: Grote Reber and the First Radio Maps of the Sky" by John Kraus
Start Date1982
NotesCosmic Search no.7: 27, 1982; Journal cut
 [Range 8A]

TitleNRAO Green Bank WV site visit by Grote Reber
Start Date5/1995
Notes1 folder. 62 photos taken by Ken Kellermann
 [Range 8A]

SubjectTransfer of Reber documents, equipment, artifacts to NRAO
TitleOffer & Shipment of Reber Materials to NRAO
Start Date12/2/1960
End Date2000
Notes1 folder. Primary correspondents include Reber, Ken Kellermann, David H. DeVorkin, Margaret Weems, Paul Vanden Bout. A few letters are copies of letters found originally in General Correspondence unit, but are included here for ease of reference.
 [Range 8A]

SubjectArticle in Point Source
TitlePoint Source article correspondence
Start Date7/17/2000
End Date8/72000
Notes1 folder. Correspondence between Reber and Roy Norville at NRAO about articles in the NRAO employee newsletter, The Point Source, on Reber, his ham radio call signal W9GFZ, and the use of the call signal on the air in August 2000 during the dedication of the Green Bank Telescope. Copies of the two Point Source articles are included in the file.
 [Range 8A]

SubjectGrote Reber
TitleOfficial Documents
Start Date6/13/1929
End Date7/29/1963
Notes1 folder. Passport, diplomas, awards, correspondence, motor vehicle registrations, insurance policy
 [Range 8A]

TitleFifty Years Ago
Start Date7/29/2010
PublicationPocahontas Times
NotesArticle with items from 28 July 1960 newspaper issue includes Reber's classified ad searching for Ford Model T front axle and wheels for use in Jansky Antenna replica
 [Range 8A]

Notes1 folder. Miscellaneous photos: trophy awarded to Reber in 1930, old radio telescope equipment, Reber on his 88th birthday
 [Range 8A]

TitleCorrespondence copies from National Archives of Australia
Start Date1947
End Date1953
Notes1 folder containing 4 letters. Correspondence with Joseph L. Pawsey, 1947-1953, from the National Archives of Australia (C3830 A1/1/1). Material from National Archives of Australia may not be copied, and permission to quote must be obtained from them.
 [Range 8A]

TitleCorrespondence copies from Reber materials still in Tasmania
Start Date1955
End Date2001
NotesCopies of correspondence dated 1955-2001, copied by Kenneth I. Kellermann in fall 2003 and spring 2005 from materials still in Tasmania. Topics covered include Reber publications, donations to Canadian astronomy, correspondence with family and friends, hectometer observations, ionospheric hole, and miscellaneous correspondence. 6 folders, 0.25 linear feet. Note added in 2016: Original copies of some material has since been received and added to the collection, but photocopies have been retained here
 [Range 8A]

TitleCorrespondence with Brockway McMillan
Start Date1999
Notes1 folder. 1999 correspondence about very low frequency astronomy, donated by Tony Tyson.
PDF FileView PDF
 [Range 8A]

AuthorCharles H. Schauer
TitleHow firm a foundation?
Start Date1950
PublicationPhysics Today
NotesArticle about the Research Corporation in October 1950 Physics Today. Reber responded to the article, and the Research Corporation subsequently provided financial support to Reber, 1951-1981
 [Range 8A]

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