[Reber in 1988]
Reber in 1988. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1912]
Reber in 1912. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in front of U Tasmania telescope, 1986]
Reber in front of U Tasmania telescope, 1986. (Image courtesy "The Mercury", Hobart, Tasmania)

[Reber's antenna in Wheaton, IL]
Reber's antenna in Wheaton IL. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber chart recordings 1943]
Reber chart recordings, 1943. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1970]
Reber in 1970. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at telescope in Green Bank, 1960]
Reber at telescope in Green Bank, 1960. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber Telescope in Green Bank, 1984]
Reber Telescope in Green Bank, 1984. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber during Attu, Alaska, solar eclipse expedition, 1950]
Reber during Attu, Alaska, solar eclipse expedition, 1950. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at telescope crank in Green Bank, 1988]
Reber at the Reber telscope crank in Green Bank, 1988. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at receiver]
Reber at his receiver. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber at the reconstructed Jansky antenna, 1995]
Reber at the reconstructed Jansky antenna, 1995. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania]
Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania, 2003. (Image courtesy of Dave McConnell)

[Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania]
Reber's house in Bothwell, Tasmania, 2003. (Image courtesy of Dave McConnell)

[Reber and Arthur C. Clarke, 1969]
Reber and Arthur C. Clarke, 1969. (Image courtesy of John Kraus estate)

[Reber's telescope in Maui, Hawaii, 1952]
Reber's telescope in Maui, Hawaii, 1952. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1937]
Reber in 1937. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber in 1988 at OSU]
Reber lectures at Ohio State Univ., Feb. 1988. (Photo by John Kraus, courtesy of John Kraus estate.)

[Reber receiving 1931 ham radio award]
Reber (far right) receiving ham radio award, December 1931. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber unpacking equipment in Green Bank, 1995]
Reber unpacking equipment in Green Bank, 1995. (NRAO/AUI/NSF image)

[Reber with Big Ear at OSU, 1962]
Reber at "Big Ear," Ohio State's radio telescope, 1962. (Image courtesy of Kraus estate)

[Reber's 144m wavelength array in Tasmania]
Reber's 144m wavelength array in Tasmania. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

[Reber pulling wire]
Reber pulling wire in Tasmania. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)

[Reber in his electric car]
Reber in his electric car, Pixie. (Image courtesy of Reber estate)


Papers of Grote Reber: Item listing

General Notes and Papers

AuthorKarl G. Jansky
TitleDirectional Studies of Atmospherics at High Frequencies
Start Date1932
NotesPhotocopy of Bell Telephone System Monograph B-708, reprinted from Proc. IRE 20: 1920-1932, 1932
 [ Box 7]

TitleArmour Institute of Technology transcript for Grote Reber, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, June 9, 1933
Notes1 folder.
PDF Filegrgnp06091933.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleLong wave radiation of extraterrestrial origin
Start Date1938
Notes1 folder. Paper for Keenan course in Astrophysics at U Chicago
PDF Filegrgnp1938.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleNotes, calculations, and diagrams
Start Date10/14/1941
End Date11/2/1946
Notes1 folder. Handwritten material
 [ Box 7]

AuthorH.A. Thomas, R.E. Burgess
TitleSurvey of Existing Information and Data on Radio Noise over the Frequency Range 1-30 Mc/s
Start Date1947
NotesPublished in: Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research, Radio Research Report Reports, Special Report No. 15. London, 1947
 [ Box 7]

AuthorInstitute of Radio Engineers
TitleAnnouncement of speech by Karl G. Jansky: Microwave Repeater Research, January 12, 1947
Start Date1/12/1947
NotesPostcard; penciled note attached: "Jansky will arrive on 12th in afternoon"
PDF Filegrgnp01121947.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectPawsey's visit to NBS
TitleVisit of Dr. Pawsey
Start Date12/11/1947
NotesTyped summary of visit and discussions, with handwritten notes on work of individual researchers in Australia
PDF Filegrgnp12111947.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectReber's visit to Electrical Engineering School at Cornell
TitleVisit to Ithaca, New York
Start Date12/18/1947
NotesPenciled annotation: "recd $15.75 expense check 1-19-48"
PDF Filegrgnp12181947.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectNote on NY Times report on talk by Seeger at 12/31/1947 AAS meeting
TitleAstronomers Get Milkyway Signal
Start Date1/1/1948
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectReber's current ideas
TitleMemorandum on Cosmic Static
Start Date7/1/1948
NotesAnnotated carbon copy, with pencil drawings and abstract of relevant paper from 1948 URSI meeting (2 abstract copies with differing pencil notes)
PDF Filegrgnp07011948.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectBrief notes on current work at Cornell
TitleSaw Gordon of Cornell at URSI
Start Date10/8/1948
PDF Filegrgnp10081948.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleWallman Circuit Using Lighthouse Tubes
Start Date10/14/1948
NotesPencil diagram with notes
PDF Filegrgnp10141948.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectProposed antenna array for Sterling VA
TitleMemorandum on Galactic Radiation
Start Date11/12/1948
NotesCarbon copy with pencil diagrams
PDF Filegrgnp11121948.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectListing of factors in favor of and against variability of source like sun
TitleVariable Radiation
Start Date12/22/1948
PDF Filegrgnp12221948.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleTuning element diagram labeled "Make one of brass"
Start Date6/5/1950
NotesPencil diagram with notes
PDF Filegrgnp06051950.pdf
 [ Box 7]

AuthorK.O. Kiepenheuer
TitleCosmic Rays as the Source of General Galactic Radiation
Start Date7/1950
NotesCarbon copy draft of Physical Review paper with annotations by Kiepenheuer. Filed with photocopy of final version, Phys Rev 79: 738, 1950
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleQuiet Sun; Disturbed Sun
Start Date7/9/1950
NotesHandwritten sheet of notes on quiet and disturbed sun
PDF Filegrgnp07091950.pdf
 [ Box 7]

SubjectRadio propagation and radio noise
TitleProgram, URSI and IRE joint meeting
Start Date10/20/1947
NotesReber chaired one session
 [ Box 7]

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society: Program of the 80th meeting
Start Date12/28/1948
NotesFiled with program: Reber's notes on The Pole of the Galaxy as Determined by Radiofrequency Radiation
 [ Box 7]

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society: program of the 83rd meeting
Start Date6/18/1950
End Date6/21/1950
NotesPenciled annotation: "See paper # 51" [Kiepenheuer]
 [ Box 7]

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society: program of the 85th meeting
Start Date6/20/1951
End Date6/23/1951
 [ Box 7]

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society: Program of the 86th meeting
Start Date12/26/1951
Link to Photogrgnp12261951.jpg
NotesFiled with program: Preliminary announcement of the AAS meeting; photo of meeting participants; newspaper clipping; The Warner and Swasey Observatory Case Institute of Technology brochure;
 [ Box 7]

TitleFranklin Institute meeting notice: W.F.G. Swann - Is the Universe Planned
Start Date2/18/1953
NotesPostcard announcement
 [ Box 7]

TitleNational Academy of Sciences: programs from 90th Annual meeting
Start Date4/27/1953
End Date4/29/1953
 [ Box 7]

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society: Program of the 94th meeting
Start Date3/21/1956
 [ Box 7]

TitleAmerican Astronomical Society: program of the 111th meeting
Start Date8/26/1962
End Date8/29/1962
 [ Box 7]

TitleInstitution of Radio and Electronics Engineers, Australia: meeting notices
Start Date1967
NotesNotices of several meetings, including one honoring Reber in 1967
 [ Box 7]

TitleWarner and Swasey Observatory 50th Anniversary
Start Date10/17/1970
NotesPartial roster, Reber's nametag
 [ Box 7]

TitleAstronomical Society of Australia: 8th annual general meeting
Start Date5/22/1974
NotesList of participants
 [ Box 7]

TitleReception given by the Governor and Lady Burbury at Government House in Tasmania
Start Date11/12/1974
NotesInvitation to reception; copy of Reber's acceptance
 [ Box 7]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleNotes, calculations, and discussions on low frequency observations
Start Date6/9/1952
End Date12/16/1954
Notes1 folder. Handwritten materials
PDF Filegrgnp06091952.pdf
 [ Box 8]

TitleAbstracts, papers, and other materials related to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Section D, Symposium on Radio Astronomy
Start Date9/11/1953
End Date12/27/1953
Notes1 folder. Includes several slightly variant copies of Reber's paper, as well as meeting program and correspondence
PDF Filegrgnp12261953.pdf
 [ Box 8]

TitleRadio Astronomy Conference, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Start Date1/4/1954
End Date1/6/1954
Notes1 folder. Announcement with schedule, carbon copy of Reber's paper, negatives of 3 figures
PDF Filegrgnp01041954.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectAntenna design
TitleLarge Mirror Design
Start Date3/11/1955
Notes1 folder. Carbon copy, with handwritten notes and diagrams
PDF Filegrgnp03111955.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectList of materials
TitleList of Material in Packed Cases and stored in store barn at Lonsdale by Cecil Johnson, Kempton, Tasmania
Start Date8/1957
End Date9/1958
Notes1 folder. Handwritten, detailed lists of Reber's personal items and supplies
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleNotes on Gordon Stagner's observations of noise in Manila, 1928 or 1929
Start Date1958?
Notes1 folder. Miscellaneous notes indicating Reber may have been trying to verify the stories about Stagner's observations; filed by Archivist with Reber notes: photocopy of page 11 from John Pfeiffer's The Changing Universe (Random, 1956) containing paragraph about Stagner
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleNotes and calculations on surface and area of dish, based on calculations of 29 Dec 1936
Start Date3/17/1959
NotesHandwritten notes
PDF Filegrgnp03171959.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorNational Radio Astronomy Observatory
TitleProgram for Associated Universities Inc Trustees meeting, listing guests and dinner menu
Start Date10/14/1959
NotesPhoto of Tatel telescope on front of program
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleNotes from International Radio Tube Encyclopedia, 3rd ed., 1958-59
Start Date2/19/1960
NotesHandwritten notes
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleHistory of Negative Feedback
Start Date11/5/1960
NotesHandwritten notes, calculations, and diagrams
PDF Filegrgnp11051960.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorC.A. Shain
TitleThe Sydney 19.7-MC Radio Telescope [reprint from Proc. IRE 46: 85-88, 1958]
Start Date1958
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleNotes and diagrams related to Shain's array
Start Date12/1960
PDF Filegrgnp121960.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorCommittee on Government Operations
TitleConflicts between the Federal Research Programs and the Nation's Goals for Higher Education: Eighteenth Report by the Committee on Government Operations, 89th Congress, 1st Session
Start Date10/13/1965
NotesUnion Calendar No. 492, House Report No. 1158. See correspondence in 1966 on science policy and funding.
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectDescriptive information and notes
TitleWare Music Master
Start Date6/27/1966
NotesCarbon copy
PDF Filegrgnp06271966.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
SubjectLow frequency receiver
TitleCalculations, notes, and figures for analysis of low frequency receiver
Start Date7/4/1960
End Date9/2/1961
Notes1 folder. Handwritten materials
PDF Filegrgnp07041960.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorGrote Reber
TitleOld radio equipment: notes, discussions
Start Date12/4/1960
End Date11/30/1962
Notes1 folder. Handwritten materials
PDF Filegrgnp12041960.pdf
 [ Box 8]

TitleRCA power tube UV206: notes, correspondence, diagrams
Start Date1/4/1961
End Date5/7/1965
Notes1 folder
 [ Box 8]

TitleElliott Cresson Medal of the Franklin Institute, 1963: correspondence, press release, programs, congratulatory notes, Franklin Institute publications
Start Date10/17/1962
End Date1964
Notes1 folder
PDF Filegrgnp10171962.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorBell Labs Record
SubjectReconstruction of Jansky antenna in Green Bank
TitleFull Sized Replica of Jansky Antenna Completed
Start Date10/1963
NotesCopy of article from Bell Labs Record; sent to Reber by Southworth
PDF Filegrgnp101963.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorBell Labs News
SubjectReconstruction of Jansky antenna in Green Bank
TitleRadio Observatory to Receive Model of Jansky Antenna
Start Date10/15/1963
NotesIssue of Bell Labs News, v. III, no. 20, October 15, 1963
 [ Box 8]

AuthorW.O. Baker
SubjectJansky antenna replica
TitleRemarks of Vice President W.O. Baker on presenting the Jansky antenna replica to Associated Universities at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, on March 17, 1966; reply by T. Keith Glennan
Start Date3/17/1966
Notes1 folder. Photocopy
PDF Filegrgnp03171966.pdf
 [ Box 8]

AuthorA.C. Beck
SubjectJansky antenna replica
TitleThe Jansky Antenna Replica at Green Bank W. Va: memorandum for file
Start Date10/3/1966
NotesPhotocopy; copy of fig. 8 (Jansky with antenna) filed with copy
PDF Filegrgnp10031966.pdf
 [ Box 8]

TitleAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual meeting, Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division, Norman OK, May 21-25, 1995
Start Date4/19/1995
End Date5/25/1995
Notes1 folder. Correspondence, conference information, program, typescript of Reber's talk
 [ Box 8]

TitleHobart Walking Club materials
Start Date1951
End Date1966
Notes1 folder. Includes club circulars and Reber's personal daily walking records
 [ Box 12]

TitleMembership cards and addresses
Start Date1935
End Date1949
Notes1 folder
 [ Box 12]

TitleMeteor craters
Start Date1949
End Date1966
Notes1 folder
 [ Box 12]

Start Date1952
End Date1958
Notes1 folder
 [ Box 12]

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