[Sullivan, May 2006]
Sullivan, 2006. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Cover of Sullivan's 2009 book, Cosmic Noise]
Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009

[Sullivan and Miller Goss, Westerbork, 1973]
Sullivan and Miller Goss, Westerbork, 1973 (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Cover of Sullivan's 1984 book, Early Years of Radio Astronomy]
Sullivan's Early Years of Radio Astronomy, Cambridge University Press, 1984

[Sullivan, 2000]
Sullivan, 2000 (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Cover of Sullivan's book 1982, Classics in Radio Astronomy]
Sullivan's Classics in Radio Astronomy, Reidel, 1982

[Sullivan and University of Washington sundial]
Sullivan and University of Washington sundial, 2003 (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Sullivan at Arecibo, 1977]
Sullivan at Arecibo, 1977. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Addresses needed for interviewees or their heirs/next of kin

It is standard practice for Archives to obtain signed permissions from interviewees before making interviews available to researchers, either in person at the Archives or on the Web. Listed below are people interviewed by Woodruff T. Sullivan III for whom we have been unable to find contact information. Also included are people to whom we have written but from whom we have not had any response, so the address we used may not be current. We seek your help. Please review the list, and email Ellen Bouton, NRAO Archivist, ebouton_at_nrao.edu, if you are able to provide addresses or contact information for the listed interviewees or their heirs/next of kin, or for people who may know of appropriate addresses. Your help in making these interviews available to researchers will be greatly appreciated.

See also the Finding Aid for the Sullivan papers and the NRAO Archives home page.



  • Aarons, Jules
  • Allen, Clabon W.

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  • Baldwin, John E.
  • Bay, Zoltan
  • Blum, Emile-Jacques
  • Blythe, John H.
  • Boischot, André
  • Braccessi, Alessandro

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  • Clegg, John A.
  • Coates, Robert J.
  • Conway, Robin G.
  • Cooper, Brian F. C.

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  • DeWitt, John H. Jr.
  • Dicke, Robert H.
  • Dodson-Prince, Helen W.
  • DuBridge, Lee A.

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  • Elgarøy, Øystein
  • Elsmore, Bruce
  • Evans, Stanley

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  • Folland, Donald F.
  • Fränz, K.
  • Friis, Harald T.

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  • Gardner, Francis F.
  • Getmantsev, German G.
  • Ginzburg, Vitaly L.

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  • Hachenberg, Otto
  • Hagen, John P.
  • Hanbury Brown, Robert
  • Hawkins, Gerald S.
  • Hedeman, E. Ruth
  • Heidmann, Jean
  • Heightman, Denis W.
  • Higgs, Arthur J.
  • Hill, Eric R.
  • Hindman, James V.
  • Höglund, Bertil
  • Hoyle, Fred

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  • Jennison, Roger C.

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  • Kahn, Franz D.
  • Kerr, Frank J.
  • Komesaroff, Max M.

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  • Labrum, Norman R.
  • Laffineur, Marius
  • Lehany, Fred J.
  • Leslie, Patricia R. R. (married name: Patricia R. Foster)
  • Little, Alec G.
  • Little, C. Gordon

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  • Machin, Kenneth E.
  • Manning, Laurence A.
  • McClain, Edward F.
  • McCrea, William H.
  • McVittie, George C.
  • Menzel, Donald H.
  • Millman, Peter M.
  • Minnett, Harry C.
  • Moffet, Alan T.
  • Muller, Christiaan Alexander ("Lex")
  • Murray, John D.

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  • O'Brien, Patrick A.
  • O'Keefe, John A.
  • Ovenden, Michael W.

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  • Palmer, Henry P.
  • Peterson, Allen M.
  • Phillips, James W.
  • Piddington, John "Jack" Hobart
  • Potapenko, Gennady W.
  • Price, Robert
  • Priester, Wolfgang
  • Purcell, Edward Mills

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  • Rishbeth, Henry
  • Robinson, Brian J.

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  • Salomonovich, Alexander E.
  • Shakhovskoy, A. M.
  • Sheridan, Kevin V.
  • Shuter, William L.
  • Simon, Paul
  • Skellett, A. Melvin
  • Sloanaker, Russell M.
  • Smerd, Stefan F.
  • Stanier, Harold M.
  • Stumpers, F. Louis H.M.

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  • Takakura, Tatsuo
  • Tanaka, Haruo
  • Taylor, George N.
  • Troitsky, Vasevolod S.
  • Twiss, Richard Quentin

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  • Unsöld, Albrecht O.J.

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  • Vonberg, Derek D.

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  • Waldmeier, Max
  • Westfold, Kevin C.
  • Whipple, Fred L.
  • Whitfield, George R.
  • Wild, John Paul
  • Williams, David R. W.

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  • Yabsley, Donald E.

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