[Cover of Sullivan's book 2009, Cosmic Noise]
Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Tapes Series

Interviewees: Bernard Burke

Bernard Burke, 1928-2018

  • Interviewed 21 January 1972 at Leiden, length of interview: 45 minutes.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (DTM), Washington, DC. 1954-1964, its development; Jupiter radio emission; first 21 cm H I emission on 300 ft; 1964-1970 OH and H2O VLBI at MIT; also comments on Dicke Panel (c. 1968) for choosing priorities on large radio astronomy projects

    See Burke, Bernard F. [Interview Date: January 21, 1972] for a transcript of this interview and a brief audio clip.
  • Interviewed 22 September 1981 at NASA in Ames California, length of interview: 50 minutes.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: 1955-1957 Jupiter work (not including discovery), 21 cm data on Department of Terrestrial Magnetism 60 foot and NRAO 300 ft (ca. 1962); odd Department of Terrestrial Magnetism experiments; Tuve and Department of Terrestrial Magnetism style

    See Burke, Bernard F. [Interview Date: September 22, 1981] for a transcript of this interview.

Sullivan's files include: Publications card, archival material, Sullivan's notes.

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