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Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Tapes Series

Interviewee: Gennady W. Potapenko

Gennady W. Potapenko, 1895-1979.

  • Interviewed 26 December 1974 by phone from the University of Washington to Pasadena, length of interview: 16 minutes.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: His successful conformation of Jansky's results in 1935-36 in the Mojave Desert; plans to do more work and reasons why he never went further or published; his background.

    See Potapenko, Gennady W. [Interview Date: December 26, 1974] for a transcript of this interview.
  • Interviewed 21 August 1975 at his home in Pasadena, length of interview: 15 minutes.
      Sullivan's interview notes: In person repeat of 12/26/1974 interview. His motivation and a few details of what he did.

    See Potapenko, Gennady W. [Interview Date: August 21, 1975] for a transcript of this interview.

Sullivan's files include: transcription of Sullivan's interview, correspondence with Sullivan, archival material, photo.

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