[Cover of Sullivan's book 2009, Cosmic Noise]
Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Tapes Series

Interviewee: Grote Reber

Grote Reber, 1911-2002

  • Interviewed 25 October 1975 at the University of Washington, length of interview: 195 minutes.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: Family and educational background in Illinois, engineering jobs in Chicago, relationship to Jansky and his work, building of his dish, many details on receivers, dish, observing; publishing in ApJ, relationship to University of Chicago and Yerkes Observatoy astronomers, influence of Compton, style of operation, solar work at NBS, sea-cliff interferometer on Haleakala, low frequency work in Tasmania.

    See Reber, Grote [Interview Date: October 25, 1975] for a transcript of this interview.
  • Interviewed 12 March 1978 in Tasmania, length of interview: 90 minutes.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: Follow-up questions to 10/1975 interview plus ones raised while looking through archives; non-radio astronomy projects: twining bean stalks, Aboriginal 14C site dating, cosmic ray geiger tube improvements and data analysis.

    See Reber, Grote [Interview Date: March 12, 1978] for a transcript of this interview.

Sullivan's files include: Publications card, archival material, transcriptions of Sullivan's interviews, correspondence with Sullivan and others, publications, bibliography. 7 folders.

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