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Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Tapes Series

Interviewee: Martin Ryle

Martin Ryle, 1918-1984.

  • Interviewed 19 August 1976 at Cavendish, length of interview: 130 minutes.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: Wartime training in radar and research and development; philosophy of teaching and doing science; 1946-49 solar experiments; Cas A discovery; 1C survey and interpretations of radio stars; 2C survey and resulting controversy over P(D), cosmology, techniques, etc.; step by step "recovery" from 2C begining with Bakerian lecture; development of aperture synthesis; science funding, relations with other observatories, optical astronomers, etc.

    See Ryle, Martin. [Interview Date: 19 August 1976] for a transcript and full audio of this interview.
  • Interviewed 8 June 1981 at Cambridge, length of interview: 20 minutes. Part of the original interview, approximately 90 minutes in the middle, was accidentally erased in 1985 by U. Washington Audio-visual Department. No notes or transcription had been made.
      Sullivan's brief summary of topics: Many follow-ups to August 1976 interview about WWII influence, early solar and radio star work, details of Grange Rd. site, 1C to 3C aerials and surveys, log N-log S controversy, nature of radio sources, etc.

    See Ryle, Martin. [Interview Date: 8 June 1981] for the existing transcript and audio of this interview.

Sullivan's files include: Publications card, transcription of Sullivan's 1976 interview, transcription of 1971 Edge/Mulkay interview, archival material, correspondence with Sullivan and others, Sullivan's notes, photos. 8 folders.

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