[Cover of Sullivan's book 2009, Cosmic Noise]
Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Tapes Series

Interviewee: Maarten Schmidt

Maarten Schmidt, 1929- . Interviewed 18 August 1975 at the AAS Meeting in San Diego, length of interview: 55 minutes.

Sullivan's brief summary of topics: Help on Kootwjik HI survey #2, galactic structure inside sun, galaxy mass model, relationship of optical and radio astronomy, radio source identifications, discovery of quasar redshifts and follow-up before 1965.

See Schmidt, Maarten [Interview Date: August 18, 1975] for a transcript of this interview.

Sullivan's files include: Publications card, transcription of Sullivan's interview, correspondence with Sullivan, archival material.

See the Listing of Conferences and Lectures for Schmidt's 1988 talk.

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