[Sullivan, May 2006]
Sullivan, 2006. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Cover of Sullivan's 2009 book, Cosmic Noise]
Sullivan's Cosmic Noise, Cambridge University Press, 2009

[Sullivan and Miller Goss, Westerbork, 1973]
Sullivan and Miller Goss, Westerbork, 1973 (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Cover of Sullivan's 1984 book, Early Years of Radio Astronomy]
Sullivan's Early Years of Radio Astronomy, Cambridge University Press, 1984

[Sullivan, 2000]
Sullivan, 2000 (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Cover of Sullivan's book 1982, Classics in Radio Astronomy]
Sullivan's Classics in Radio Astronomy, Reidel, 1982

[Sullivan and University of Washington sundial]
Sullivan and University of Washington sundial, 2003 (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)

[Sullivan at Arecibo, 1977]
Sullivan at Arecibo, 1977. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan)


Papers of Woodruff T. Sullivan III: Tapes Series

Listing of Conferences and Lectures

  • Radio Broadcast about Project Diana, Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS), 1946
  • Symposium on Radio Astronomy at the New York State Section of American Physical Society, April 1960, Colgate University, New York
    • Frank D. Drake, "Project Ozma"
  • Herbert Friedman, "25 Years of Rocket Astronomy at NRL (Naval Research Laboratory)", 1971, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
  • John Findlay, "The Beginnings of NRAO", 15 July 1974, NRAO
  • XVIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, 24 August- 2 September 1976, Paris, France
    • Geoffrey R. Burbidge, "Non-cosmological Redshifts"
    • Philip A. Morrison, "Summary of the Conference (Redshifts and the expansion of the Universe"
    • Martin J. Rees, "Conventional Interpretation of Redshifts"
  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 19 May 1976, Berkeley, California
    • Allan R. Sandage, "Minkowski's Central Role in the Optical Identifications of Radio Sources"
  • Jacobsohn Memorial Lecture, Physics Department, University of Washington, 10 January 1977
    • Philip A. Morrison, "Quasars"
  • "Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence", Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 29-30 June 1977, Pasadena, California (The tapes and digital files of this symposium are not separated by speaker)
    • Meeting sessions were titled: Ongoing Observation Programs, New Observational Approaches, Institutional Plans and Programs, and Radio Frequency Interference. First authors on papers presented were: S. Boyer, B. Zuckerman, T. Clark, J. Tarter, M. Stull, D. Cole, P. Feldman, I. Linscott, A. Peterson, L. Meeks, F. Drake, S. von Hoerner, C. Seeger, M. Janssen, G. Morris, G. Knapp, J. Kraus, R. Dixon, J. Wolfe, S. Gulkis, D. Jauncey, J. Ribes, S. Brunstein, and W. Sullivan.
  • Session J.4.: XIXth General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science, 1-8 August 1978, Helsinki, Finland (The tapes and digital files of this symposium are not separated by speaker)
    • J.4: Search for extraterrestrial intelligence; Organizers: K. I. Kellermann (FRG) and N. S. Kardashev (USSR), Chairman: K. I Kellermann

      "Ten papers were presented in session J.4 on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). Following a review of the problem and relevant technology by B. M. Oliver (USA), Oliver and S. Gulkis (USA) reviewed the plans for the NASA-Ames targeted search, and the NASA-JPL cell sky search respectively. J. Tarter (USA), F. Drake (USA) and R. Wielebinski (F. R. Germany) then described their observation of nearby stars and galaxies using several novel techniques. In other papers the problems of optimum frequencies and signal signatures were discussed. The Session was one of the two most widely attended sessions of Commission J (over 150 participants); this reflects the growing world-wide interest in SETI and the rapidly improving technology which now makes meaningful searches possible." (Proceedings of the XIX International Union of Radio Science, Volume XVIII, page 104)

  • "Strategies for the Search for Life in the Universe", A Joint Session of Commissions 16, 40, and 44 at the XVIIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, 15-16 August 1979, Montreal, Canada (The tapes and digital files of this symposium are not separated by speaker)
    • Selected workshop talks and discussions. (Proccedings published in Astrophysics and Space Science Library Volume 83 by D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1980)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1980, San Francisco, California
    • Ronald N. Bracewell, "Australian Radio Astronomy in the 1940s and 1950s"
    • Geoffrey R. Burbidge, "Radio Astronomy's Historical Role in Astrophysics"
    • Owen Gingerich, "Radio Astronomy and the Nature of Science"
    • Jesse L. Greenstein, "Radio and Optical Astronomy in the Early Years"
    • Woodruff T. Sullivan, III, "Radio Astronomy before World War II"
  • G.E. Hale Prize Lecture #156, American Astronomical Society, 17 June 1980, University of Maryland, College Park
    • John Paul Wild, "A Historical Perspective of (Solar) Radio Investigations"
  • XXth General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science, Washington, D.C., 10-19 August 1981
    • Wilbur Norman "Chris" Christiansen, "The First Ten Years of Solar Radio Astronomy in Australia"
    • Frank J. Kerr, "Early Days in Radar and Radio Astronomy in Australia"
    • A. C. Bernard Lovell, "The Origins and History of Jodrell Bank"
    • Alexander E. Salomonovich, "First Steps of Soviet Radio Astronomy"
    • Woodruff T. Sullivan, III, "Radio Astronomy before World War II: Jansky and Reber"
    • Gart Westerhout, "The History of Radio Astronomy in the Netherlands"
  • Martin J. Rees, BBC radio broadcast, "Radio Astronomy and Nuclear Power/Arms Issues", 1982
  • XVIIIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, 1982, Patras, Greece
    • Fred T. Haddock, "The Development of Radio Astronomy in the United States"
    • Robert Hanbury Brown, "Early Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank"
    • William H. McCrea, "The Influence of Radio Astronomy on Cosmology"
    • Bernard Y. Mills, "The First Radio Source Surveys and the log N- log S Relationship"
    • Francis Graham Smith, "Early Radio Source Work at Cambridge"
    • Woodruff T. Sullivan, III, "The Discovery of the 21cm Hydrogen Line"
    • Peter Scheuer, "The Development of Aperture Synthesis"
  • Session GC: Symposium of the Division of Astrophysics and History of Physics: Stellar Composition, Birth of the Universe, Origin of the Elements, American Physical Society Meeting, 22 April 1987, Crystal City, Maryland (The tapes and digital files of this symposium are not separated by speaker)
    • David H. DeVorkin, "Henry Norris Russell and the Chemical Makeup of the Stars"
    • Robert W. Smith, "The Discovery of the Expanding Universe 1912-1930"
    • Ralph A. Alpher, "Cosmochemistry in the Early Universe"
    • Robert Herman, "The Prediction of the Microwave Background Radiation"
    • William Fowler, "Recollections of Early Work on the Synthesis of the Chemical Elements in Stars"
    • Robert W. Wilson, "Observational Discovery of the Microwave Background Radiation, and the Confirmation of the Exploding Universe Models"
  • Symposium Held in Honor of Frank J. Kerr, 28-29 May 1987, University of Maryland, College Park
    • Woodruff T. Sullivan, III, "Frank Kerr and Radio Waves: From Wartime Radar to Interstellar Atoms"
  • "Modern Cosmology in Retrospect" May 1988, Bologna, Italy (Proceedings publish as Modern Cosmology in Retrospect by Cambridge University Press, 1990) (The tapes and digital files of this symposium are not separated by speaker)
    • Hermann Bondi, "The Cosmological Scene: 1945-1952"
    • William H. McCrea, "Personal Recollections (on 20th century cosmology: Lessons for the Future"
    • Peter Scheuer, "Radio Source Counts"
    • Maarten Schmidt, "The Discovery of Quasars"

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