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Papers of James S. Ulvestad: Item listing

Advanced Radio Interferometry Between Space and Earth (ARISE) Series

TitlePresentations at AIAA Conference - January 9-12, 1995
Start Date1/9/1995
End Date1/12/1995
NotesCopies of presentations
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TitleCharles Elachi Presentation re: ARISE (Advanced Radio Interferometry between Space & Earth) 12-19 July 1996
Start Date1/9/1995
End Date12-19 July 1996
NotesMemo, view graphs, view graph copies
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TitleAIAA 1995 Space Programs & Technologies Conference - 9/28/1995
Start Date9/28/1995
NotesView graph copies, reports
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TitleAAS Meeting - January 14-18, 1996
Start Date10/17/1995
End Date1/25/1996
NotesMemo, ARISE abstract, illustrations
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AuthorJ.S. Ulvestad; L. Gurvits
TitleHigh Sensitivity Radio Astronomy Presentation - Ulvestad & Gurvits - 1/25/1996
Start Date1/25/1996
NotesView graph copies, preprint
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Start Date3/20/1996
NotesView graphs, view graph copies
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TitleARISE Science Workshop - Aug 19-20, 1998 - Green Bank, WV
Start Date8/19/1998
End Date8/20/1998
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TitleARISE: Zooming in on Black Holes - ARISE Science Goals - Executive Summary ed. James Ulvestad
Start Date12/22/1998
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TitleARISE Mission and Spacecraft Description - 1st ed. - JPL
Start Date12/1998
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TitleARISE Mission and Spacecraft Description - 2nd ed. - JPL
Start Date6/1999
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TitleARISE Journal Cuts
Start Date1999
Notes"Space Inflatables" Final Frontier Jan/Feb 1999; "21st Century Satellite Technology" Aviation Week 1/25/1999
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