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Papers of James S. Ulvestad: Item listing

Miscellany Series

TitleTDRSS Security Issues
Start Date10/22/1985
End Date12/11/1986
NotesCorrespondence, various permission forms
 [Range 6A]

TitleMinutes of TDRSS OVLBI Meetings
Start Date3/13/1986
End Date1/29/1988
Notes2 folders. TDRSS - Tracking & Data Relay Satellite System
 [Range 6A]

TitleVLA Test
Start Date9/29/1990
NotesNotes, charts, graphs, figures, correspondence
 [Range 6A]

TitleJoint Meeting with Russian Space VLBI Science and Operations Personnel, 7-11 September 1992
Start Date9/11/1992
End Date9/15/1992
NotesMemos, reports
 [Range 6A]

TitleRadioAstron International Scientific Council (RISC) Meeting December 2-7, 1992
Start Date12/2/1992
End Date3/10/1993
NotesProgram, memos, draft of meeting minutes
 [Range 6A]

TitleRadioAstron International Scientific Council (RISC) Meeting May 1993
Start Date5/15/1993
End Date6/9/1993
NotesMeeting minutes, charts, tables, notes, reports, agenda
 [Range 6A]

TitleRadioastron International Science Council (RISC) Meeting June 1994
Start Date6/7/1994
End Date6/21/1994
NotesMeeting minutes, memos, programs
 [Range 6A]

TitleURSI Meeting January 1994
Start Date1/1994
NotesView graph copies
 [Range 6A]

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