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Papers of James S. Ulvestad: Item listing

Voyager Project Series

TitleVLA-JPL Planning Documents
Start Date7/1982
End Date2/23/1987
NotesTDA Progress Reports; memos; diagram
 [Range 6A Box 1]

Title(Voyager) VLA Arraying Formal Review - JPL
Start Date6/22/1984
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleManagement Plan for the VLA-GDSCC Telemetry Array Project
Start Date3/15/1985
NotesJPL Document 1220-1
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleJet Propulsion Laboratory Interoffice Memorandum
Start Date1/31/1986
End Date7/24/1990
Notes2 folders. Includes VLA, Voyager, Mark II VLBI materials
 [Range 6A Box 1]

Title(Voyager) VLA-Goldstone Array Formal Review - JPL
Start Date7/1987
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVGTA System Requirements - VLA-Goldstone DSN Intersite Communications
Start Date8/1/1987
NotesJPL Document 1220-5
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVGTA System Requirements and Design
Start Date9/15/1987
NotesJPL Document 1220-2
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVoyager Neptune Overview
Start Date10/1987
NotesViewgraph copies, journal cut
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVGTA System Test Requirements
Start Date11/1/1987
NotesJPL Document 1220-6
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleProject Implementation Plan for the VLA-GDSCC Telemetry Array
Start Date11/15/1987
NotesJPL Document 1220-7
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVLA On-Line System
Start Date2/18/1988
End Date4/28/1989
NotesCorrespondence, memos
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVGTA System Requirements - DSN GDSCC Interface Definition
Start Date4/15/1988
NotesJPL Document 1220-4
 [Range 6A Box 1]

TitleVLA/Voyager P.R. News, Articles
Start Date5/1/1988
End Date10/1990
NotesNewspaper clippings, journal cuts, etc.
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleVGTS System Requirements - NRAO-DSN, VLA Interface Definition
Start Date10/15/1988
NotesJPL Document 1220-3
 [Range 6A Box 2]

TitleOperations Planning for the VLA-GDSCC Telemetry Array
Start Date10/1988
NotesJPL Document 1220-8
 [Range 6A Box 2]

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