Westerhout USNO, undated.
Westerhout USNO, undated. USNO image

Westerhout in 2002.
Westerhout in 2002. Westerhout family image

Westerhout standing next to a snowman, ca. 1972.
Westerhout and snowman, ca. 1972. Image from Westerhout papers

Westerhout standing in front of the 300 foot telescope, 1966.
Westerhout at NRAO 300 foot telescope, 1966. NRAO/AUI image

Westerhout family at NRAO, 1973.
Westerhout family at NRAO, 1973. NRAO/AUI image

Westerhout at a reception, undated.
Westerhout at a reception, undated. Image from Westerhout papers

Westerhout and Drake looking over a contour map, 1968
Westerhout and Frank Drake, 1968. NRAO/AUI image


Papers of Gart Westerhout: Folder listing

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) Observation and Telescope Information

TitleAutocorrelation Receiver - June 1966
Start Date1966
End Date1977
 [Range 8A]

AuthorR. Harten
TitleBeam Characteristics of the 300 foot Telescope
Start DateMarch 1969
NotesHarten, 1969: Astronomy Program University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Includes drafts and notes.
 [Range 8A]

TitleCorrelation Receiver 1972
Start DateNovember 1972
 [Range 8A]

TitleDescript. 413 Channel autocorrelation receiver
Start Date1968
End Date1970
 [Range 8A]

TitleFrequency Dependent Baseline - 21cm
Start Date1970
End Date1973
 [Range 8A]

AuthorA. Harris
TitleGeneralized Linear Least Squares Program
Start DateAugust 1963
NotesNo publication information.
 [Range 8A]

TitleList of MapMod 3
Start DateSeptember 1971
 [Range 8A]

TitleA Method for Accurately Compensating for the effects of the error beam of the NRAO 300-ft. radio telescope at 21-cm wavelength
Start DateJune 1971
End DateSeptember 1973
 [Range 8A]

Start Date1964
End Date1968
 [Range 8A]

TitleNRAO Related Publications
Start DateOctober 1967
End DateJune 1970
 [Range 8A]

Start Date1958
End Date1973
 [Range 8A]

TitleScalar Feed Offsets
Start Date1971
 [Range 8A]

TitleTpower and Spower User's Manual
Start DateAugust 1972
 [Range 8A]

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