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Start Date:1965-07-25
Location:Green Bank, WV
People:Mezger, Peter
Henderson, Troy
Höglund, Bertil
Albaugh, Neil
Creator:Records of the NRAO
Series:Photographs Series
Unit:140 Foot Telescope Unit
Type:Still Image
Subject:Instruments--140 Foot Telescope
Description:On 9 July 1965, Bertil Hoglund and Peter Mezger detected radio recombination lines. The detection, using the brand new 140 foot telescope - before its formal dedication in October 1965 - ushered in a whole new field of radio astronomy research. In this photo, taken 2.5 weeks later on 27 July 1965, Peter Mezger, Troy Henderson, Bertil Hoglund, and Neil Albaugh are in the 140 foot control room, perhaps considering other observations to undertake with NRAO's wonderful new instrument. [show more]